9 Miles (video)

In Bombtrack’s latest video, they embrace these times of isolation and dig into the magic of the local loop, and what we love about riding on our own doorstep. Watch it here alongside a photoset from the story…

There’s a notable attraction to the predictable as we continually find ourselves on that one, certain, and familiar local bike route. While many of us feel a longing for adventure and the uncharted roads that come with it, there’s something special about our home terrain; whether it’s simply trying to push things further than you did on the last ride, or appreciating the solitude as you observe the ever-evolving trail through the changing seasons. It’s reasonable to assume we all have our own personal ‘9 Miles’, but have you thought about the reasons why? In Bombtrack’s latest video they follow team member Marko Sajn in Slovenia on his favorite local 9-mile loop to see what makes it special…

  • 9 Miles Video, Bombtrack
  • 9 Miles Video, Bombtrack
9 Miles Video, Bombtrack
  • 9 Miles Video, Bombtrack
  • 9 Miles Video, Bombtrack
  • 9 Miles Video, Bombtrack

“Whenever I can, I’ll turn off my computer, take out the bike and go ride my home trails until the sun goes down. Sure, it might just be a 9 mile ride at the end of the day, but it’s those 9 Miles that give me the energy and inspiration for days on end.” -Marko Sajn

Marko is the graphic designer behind Bombtrack’s 2020 and 2021 product range and marketing materials and was a member of Bombtrack for more than three years. You will also notice the entire team of Bombtrack riders in the film intro…



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