A Lone Mind, The Jay Petervary Story

Jay Petervary is one of the top ultra-endurance cyclists in the world with numerous wins and course records to his name in some of the toughest bike races on the planet. But what drives him to push himself to the absolute edge of human limits? Check out this video from Teton Gravity Research for an inside look…

In 2014 ultra-endurance cyclist Jay Petervary went to Italy to set the benchmark for a new bike-packing race along the route of the historical Liguria Mountain Divide stage race. He would climb over 55,000 feet during the 311 mile-long journey through the Italian Alps.

Most riders traditionally finished the Liguria Mountain Divide in 9 days. Jay finished in just 4 days and 12 hours.

Jay Petervary has set course records for bike packing events around the world, from the 2,745-mile Continental Divide Ride to the Iditarod Trail Invitational, which covers 1,000 miles of Alaskan wilderness in temps reaching -50º F. He does this through a unique combination of experience, strength, and mental toughness he first developed fending for himself in a tough home in New Jersey.

Experience the full digital feature: tetongravity.com/lone-mind-jay-petervary

Produced by Ryan Dunfee for Teton Gravity Research. Footage courtesy of Salsa Cycles.

Song: “Lending a Helping Hand” by Patrick Bowsher. Courtesy of Rumblefish

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