2014 Arizona Trail Race (Video)

In April of 2014, 17 racers lined up at the southernmost point in Arizona to ride north across its deserts, mountains, forests, and canyons, from Mexico to Utah. This is Aaron Johnson’s story of how the 2014 Arizona Trail Race unfolded…

When we published our favorite bikepacking films in the Isolation Archives yesterday, the list included Aaron’s Colorado Trail Race video. Someone in the social comments from the post asked where this video went, so we dug it up to breathe some new life into it. Aaron shot this video while racing the 2014 Arizona Trail Race and took a unique approach to editing by integrating audio recordings from racers via MTBCast, a service that enables riders to call in and leave messages, sharing their high and low moments during races. The video takes in the entire Arizona Trail 750.

Call-in voices in order of appearance:

Mark Caminiti
Michael Ackerman
Aaron Johnson
Jill Hueckman
Jay Petervary
Brad Mattingly
Mike Prochaska

The Arizona Trail Race is a self-supported mountain bike race along the Arizona Trail. Starting at the Mexico border, there are two distance options: 300 miles to the Picketpost Trailhead near Phoenix, or the full length of the state to Utah, totaling over 750 miles. This race would not be possible without the efforts of the Arizona Trail Association to create and maintain over 800 miles of singletrack trail across Arizona.

  • 2014 Arizona Trail Race video
  • 2014 Arizona Trail Race video
  • 2014 Arizona Trail Race video
  • 2014 Arizona Trail Race video
  • 2014 Arizona Trail Race video

Photos above taken from our time on the AZT along the Gila River Ramble in February of 2015 (except for above left of the Grand Canyon).



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