A Bikepacking Lesson

In early August, five friends set out to complete the Turino-Nice Rally, a 654 kilometer gravel route from Turino, Italy to Nice, France. Before departing they made this fun little video that shows how they packed.

It’s always interesting to see how other people load up their rigs, right? Tying in with the inaugural Torino-Nice Rally, which is happening as we speak – this is exactly what you’d need for such a ride.

Over the course of eight days, five gentlemen from ParisChillRacing, a Paris based urban cycling collective, pedaled over 16,500 vertical meters on a brand new route that crosses from Italy into the South of France. The ride is 70 per cent paved and 30% unpaved, made up of mostly gravel and passes through the harshest and most epic environments among the Alps. The trip was a cacophony of punctuating moments that included restaurants run by Italian anarchists, a mountain top bivouac after a frantic chase with a thieving donkey, and high-altitude hailstorms at 2,700 meters.

Prior to setting out, team member Renaud Skyronka made this fun little stop motion video to capture how he packed for the trip. He also created a wealth of images during the trip, a few of which we’ve posted below. Watch the video, then peruse the breakdown of Renaud’s full gear list!

  • Turin-Nice Rally, bikepacking lesson
  • Turin-Nice Rally, bikepacking lesson

Stay tuned for more on this route, and follow ParisChillRacing on Instagram at @parischillracing or @pcrgravier. In their words: “Thanks go out to James Olsen, the founder of the Torino-Nice Rally for the inspiration. Thanks also to Velocoop.com for the support in this adventure! We highly recommend their shop for all your bikepacking projects. The official race will take place in September. We highly recommend the lovers of cycling and large, open spaces to join the adventure!”

Renaud’s Gear List


  • Bike FELT F65X
  • Groupo SHIMANO 105
  • Cassette 11-40
  • Chainrings 46-36
  • Tires 33cc VITTORIA Cross XL pro
  • Turin-Nice Rally, bikepacking lesson
  • Turin-Nice Rally, bikepacking lesson


  • Seat Pack Apidura Saddle Pack
  • Frame Pack Apidura Framebag L
  • Accessory Apidura Accessory pack
  • Handlebar Apidura Handelbar Pack Dry
  • Toptube Pack Apidura Toptube Pack
  • Backpack 10L Ultra Compact Quecha
  • Dry Bag 10L Tribord
  • Cooking Pot VARGO BOT 1L
  • Cutlery VARGO spork titanium
  • Stove VARGO hexagon wood stove
  • Stove Primus small
  • Sleeping Bag Quechua 15°
  • Sleeping Liner Quechua
  • Sleeping Pad Nemo TENSOR 20R

Repair Kit

  • Spares 3 caa
  • Spare cables Brake + derailleur
  • Parts Spare bolts
  • Headlight Knog QUDOS
  • Light MOON
Turin-Nice Rally, bikepacking lesson


  • Jersey PCR 3.0
  • Jersey Rapha Superlight
  • Jersey Rapha Brevet
  • Bib Rapha Core
  • Base layer Rapha merino
  • Knee warmer Rapha
  • Classic softshell Rapha
  • Layer Uniqlo Merino Sweater
  • Tshirt Long Sleeve Merino Décathlon
  • Leggings Merino Quechua
  • Tshirt Merino Quechua
  • Shorts Chrome
  • Headline PCR
  • Jacket Sleeveless Uniqlo
  • Softshell Rapha Baselayer
  • Gloves Fox Mittens
  • Gloves Mavic
  • Socks MAAP
  • Socks Rapha Merino
  • Hat Cycling cap
  • Turin-Nice Rally, bikepacking lesson
  • Turin-Nice Rally, bikepacking lesson


  • External Battery MII 1200
  • GPS Garmin fenix 3
  • Phone Iphone 6
  • Camera Ricoh theta S
  • Camera Zeiss Ikon 6×6
  • Camera Eumig C3 dual 8mm threefold
  • Film 5 rolls Tmax 400
  • Film 5 rolls Portra 400
  • Film 2 rolls 8mm Kahl

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