All Bodies on Bikes (Film)

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All Bodies on Bikes is a moving new film from Shimano that dives headfirst into hard conversations about weight and body size, following Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky, two cyclists who self-identify as fat, on a beautiful two-day bikepacking trip along Oregon’s Corvallis to Coast Trail. Watch it here…

Shimano’s latest film, All Bodies on Bikes, features Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky, two cyclists on a mission to change the perception of who rides bikes and build a more welcoming and inclusive cycling community. In this delightfully shot and edited 13-minute film, the pair of riders, who self-identify as fat, take on a two-day, 65-mile bikepacking trip through the beautiful Oregon Coast Range. Equal parts hilarious and touching, Kailey and Marley celebrate their shared accomplishments and offer poignant insights about their experiences with society’s weight obsession, growing up fat, and disordered eating.

Body size is something we haven’t explicitly discussed on the site up to now, and we’re grateful to Marley and Kailey for opening up the conversation in such a thoughtful way through this film. “Nobody was talking about size inclusion or what it’s like to be a fat person who rides bikes,” said Marley. “We realized we could contribute to this and we could make a difference. We want people to feel empowered that they can ride a bike wherever they want to go.”

You can watch All Bodies on Bikes below, then continue on for photos from the trip and some additional resources to keep the discussion going, including a downloadable guide for further exploration.

“Being fast is not what makes an experienced rider. I’ve pretty much not ever gone that fast in my whole life, and look at me, I’m on a movie!”—Kailey Kornhauser
  • All Bodies on Bikes, Kailey Kornhauser, Marley Blonsky
  • All Bodies on Bikes, Kailey Kornhauser, Marley Blonsky
  • All Bodies on Bikes, Kailey Kornhauser, Marley Blonsky
All Bodies on Bikes, Kailey Kornhauser, Marley Blonsky

More Resources

To accompany the film, Marley and Kailey put together a helpful document that includes terminology, ground rules and tips for having productive conversations around weight, and a discussion guide. You can download a PDF copy here. The guide also includes a brief list of resources, which are outlined below.

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Books, Podcasts, Blogs

  • Shrill by Lindy West
  • Hunger by Roxanne Gay
  • The Body is Not an Apology – The Power of Radical Self Love by Sonya Renee Taylor
  • What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk about Fat by Aubrey Gordon
  • Maintenance Phase Podcast
  • Friend of Marilyn Podcast
  • All Bodies on Bikes, Kailey Kornhauser, Marley Blonsky
  • All Bodies on Bikes, Kailey Kornhauser, Marley Blonsky
Marley Blonsky (left) and Kailey Kornhauser (right)

Get in Touch

Kailey and Marley write, consult, and present workshops on body size inclusion in the cycling community. Learn more about their work at and You can also keep up with them on Instagram @kornhausersauce and @marleyblonsky.

This film isn’t the first time either rider has appeared on the site. We recently recognized Marley in part four of our Rad Women of Bikepacking Series, and we published Kailey’s piece, “Pedaling Through a Changing Climate,” back in 2018. We hope to publish more of their work in the future!



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