Crossing Iceland (Video)

“Crossing Iceland” follows Payson McElveen in his attempt to be the first person to cross Iceland from north to south in a single push under human power. Watch the stunning film of his gauntlet run here…

Iceland’s rugged and remote interior has long challenged humans to cross it by bike, but so far, none are known to have achieved this feat in one shot. With his mind set on this monumental first, endurance racer and podcaster Payson McElveen (@paysonmcelveen) recently made the attempt self-supported on a bicycle, and Crossing Iceland is an excellent 13-minute video produced by Chris Burkard that documents Payson’s inspiring gauntlet run across Iceland. The 250-mile track from coast to coast takes Payson through the black sands of the barren highlands, where he must keep himself collected as he forges through the notoriously fickle Icelandic weather and rushing rivers to make it to the opposite coast. Watch the harrowing journey below:

  • Crossing Iceland, Payson McElveen
  • Crossing Iceland, Payson McElveen
  • Crossing Iceland, Payson McElveen



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