Día de la Virgin de Guadalupe

Enjoying the Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe in Valle De Bravo before beginning our bike tour through the Mexico highlands.

From what I gather Dia de la Virgin de Guadalupe is the biggest day of the year in Mexico. I don’t know when the festivities began but they have been going on at the very least since I arrived in Valle de Bravo on Sunday. It can be a bit difficult to determine when one festival or event ends and when another begins. All I know is that the fireworks, parades, and street fair has been a constant since arriving and the fireworks are set off literally around the clock.

Churchgoers in Valle de Bravo
They had the Pirate Ship and Himalaya.
Endless Food Choices
They both look happy.
I’m probably too big to ride this thing.
Daddy’s Girl

They build this thing all day.
Then at night it does this!
Bike Touring Mexico
Tomorrow we ride.



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