DOOM (video)

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Sierra Nevada produced this excellent video about Steve “Doom” Fassbinder for their new series that follows “non-stop adventurers who have nothing to hide.”

Maybe you’ve heard of Steve “Doom” Fassbinder? He’s been around here quite a bit, including in the Bikepacking Journal, our awards, and this film series, among other places. But, do you really know Doom? As part of a new series by Sierra Nevada, Ben Knight and Felt Soul Media tagged along with Steve and his partner to create this amazing glimpse into Doom’s desert bike-packraft wanderings.

  • Doom Video, Steve Fassbinder
  • Doom Video, Steve Fassbinder
I can come to this place, a place that I’ve came to 20 times now probably, and there’s no way I’ve even scratched the surface. There’s a million other corners out here, and they’re right next to corners I’ve already gone past.