Frost-Bound, an Arctic Cycling Odyssey (Film)

Frost-Bound is an experimental short film from Bjørn Olson that depicts a fatbike journey into Arctic Alaska. Watch it here, along with a preview of Blizzard Beasts, his story in the upcoming issue of our printed publication, The Bikepacking Journal…

I can confidently say that Frost-Bound – the recently re-released short film from Bjørn Olson – is unlike any other bikepacking film I’ve seen to date. Using a minimal soundtrack and long, stationary shots of the unforgiving, wind-blown Alaskan landscape, the film offers a unique perspective on a fatbike journey into some often bleak but undeniably beautiful stretches of remote Arctic Alaska.

Watch the full short film below, then scroll down for a preview of their story from the same trip, Blizzard Beasts, from the forthcoming second issue of our printed publication, The Bikepacking Journal. There’s still about a month left to get signed up for our Bikepacking Collective to ensure you receive your two copies of The Bikepacking Journal this year, plus a whole bunch of other great benefits.

Blizzard Beasts tells the story of Bjørn and his partner Kim being forced to take refuge from a snowstorm inside a tiny, isolated shelter cabin (visible at one point in the film above) while pedaling through Alaska. Despite their remote location, they’re joined by multiple surprise visitors during the time they’re stuck in the cabin, all of whom try to make the best of their unfortunate situation together, grateful for the warmth and company inside the little structure.

Blizzard Beasts, The Bikepacking Journal, Bjorn Olson

By mid-morning we’d gotten used to the thunderous roar of wind and the nuanced sounds it made as it violently shook the roof or whistled through a crack in the window. But around noon, a new sound joined the wintry symphony. It started as a distant rumble – hard to pinpoint or identify – and it continued to build. “What is it?” Kim asked. We both held our breath and strained our ears as it grew louder. A snowmobile, coming off the sea ice and pulling a sled, emerged suddenly from the nebulous world of white.”

  • Blizzard Beasts, The Bikepacking Journal, Bjorn Olson
  • Blizzard Beasts, The Bikepacking Journal, Bjorn Olson

Read the full story in print next month by joining our Bikepacking Collective, and stay tuned for several more previews of the upcoming issue.



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