Is a Gravel Bike a Good Bikepacking Bike?

After recently completing a multi-day trip on his gravel bike, Neil poses the question, “is a gravel bike a good bikepacking bike?” Watch our latest video here to learn some truths about gravel bikes and find out if the industry has it all wrong…

As the bike industry wrestles over what exactly makes a good bikepacking bike, it seems like a lot of companies think the ultimate answer is a gravel bike. Are some of the new “adventure gravel” bikes being released simply a marketing scheme, or are they ready to take on the rigors of bikepacking? In this video we share some data on the matter, some truths behind gravel bikes, and why they may or may not make good bikepacking rigs. Also, learn about several modifications you can make to a gravel bike to make it a little more long ride friendly…

  • gravel bikepacking bike
  • gravel bikepacking bike
  • gravel bikepacking bike
Is a gravel bike a good bikepacking bike

What do you think? Do you have any experience bikepacking on a modern gravel bike? How do they ride when loaded up? What are some companies missing? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.



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