Indio, Clamato, and Takis

Spending time in Valle De Brave before beginning our bike tour through the land of volcanos…

After spending nearly the entire day trying to troubleshoot how to fix my GPS software and trying to figure out this fancy new blog software I’ve just about run out of energy to write a clever or interesting post. In short the first week in Mexico has been great. The first four nights were spent in Mexico City before we hired a van to take us about 3 hours West to a beautiful resort town of Valle de Bravo. I could not say more about how beautiful the scenery is and how friendly and genuine the people are. The food is fantastic and the fireworks are abundant and are set off nearly 24 hours a day in anticipation of the festival for the Virgin of Guadalupe. Something tells me that even after the day has passed (December 12) that the people will find many other things to celebrate.

Tomorrow we are set to begin pedaling on our bike tour. We may only ride to the other side of town before finding a campsite or another family run hotel such as the one we are staying at by the name of Posada Doris. As long as we get a start and get our legs moving it will be a successful day.

I am still figuring out how this site works but here are some photos from the past week. The first several are from Mexico City and then from Valle de Bravo.

First Day in Mexico City, figuring out menus and cameras
Figuring out how to use cameras and menus on the first day.
Dark Side of the Moon

I keep hearing Pink Floyd everywhere we go so here is my Dark Side of the Moon reference.
Anthropology Museum, Mexico City
Our home for a few days
Our home in Valle de Bravo.
Volcano, Party Boat, Jeep
Volcano, Party Boat, Jeep
Central Valle de Bravo
Mary on the Mountain
View from La Pena



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