Kenta: Cycling Around The World

Meet Kenta, a young man from Japan, whose been on the road for almost three years…

Kenta started his around the world journey in Bali, pedaling his way through southeastern Asia, China, the “Stans”, and Europe. From Spain, he crossed the Strait of Gibraltar to begin the African leg of his tour, which will eventually conclude in Cape Town. We were fortunate enough to park our tent next to his at a backpacker in Lusaka, Zambia. I always love meeting cyclists on the road, but it’s not often that I run into folks who are on such an epic adventure. For those who didn’t know, according to Guinness, an around the world cycling journey must consist of a minimum 40,073 km (24,900 miles—the length of the equator), of which at least 28,968 km (18,000 miles) must be cycled. Kenta has clocked over 45,000 km.

Around The World Cycling Route - Bike Touring
Kenta’s route, so far. For more, check out his blog at:

Like a true seasoned traveller who has accomplished such an amazing feat, Kenta seems wise beyond his years…centered and calm. It was a real pleasure meeting him and swapping stories from the road. Here are a few Q/As about his incredible odyssey:

How many kilometers have you cycled?

Now, 45000 and will be 48000km by Cape Town.

Around The World Bicycle Tour - Surly Long Haul Trucker
I found it extremely odd to see… a Beerlao sticker in Africa.

What were some of your favorite countries to cycle through? Why?

China; beautiful mountains passes on plenty of gravel roads, variety of unique cultures, and delicious food. I think there are sill many adventures left.

Tajikistan, Kirghizistan; warm hospitality and interesting culture. Also beautiful mountains and lakes.

Albania; Nice mountain views from local gravel roads.

Montenegro; very nice people and beautiful mountains in the north.

Corsica, France; super blue ocean and scenic roads going around the island was really nice place to cycle.

Italy; many many beautiful small towns in south, I especially liked the heel part of the boot.

Switzerland; definitely, beautiful alps.

Mauritania to Senegal; it was a really dramatic landscape change from Mauritania to Senegal.

Around The World Bicycle Tour - Ortlieb Panniers

A well decorated Ortlieb

What country was the most bicycle friendly?

Definitely Switzerland

What country was the least bicycle friendly?

Many African countries; there are really bad drivers and roads that don’t have enough space for cyclists.

Around The World Bicycle Tour - Surly Long Haul Trucker
Kenta’s trusty Long Haul Trucker.

Where was the most challenging terrain you have cycled?

China, many many big passes and gravel roads. I broke two cameras from strong vibration. But I loved those mountains.

Around The World Bike Tour - Surly Long Haul Trucker
A pile of Surlys… his slightly more decorated.

Have you had any troubles with safety or theft?

I got my camera stolen in Mbeya, Tanzania. In Zambia, I almost got robbed by men with guns… I saw a man that tried to stop a car so turned back to small village to ask for help.

Around The World Bicycle Tour - Surly Long Haul Trucker

An interesting DIY bottle holder.

How many sets of tires have you gone through?

This is my 3rd.

Around The World Bike Tour - Surly Long Haul Trucker

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