Post-ride Beer #002: Two Cans and a Green Man

When I first heard of ‘craft’ beer in a can a few years ago, I scoffed and thought it was simply a gimmick. SInce then, I’ve given several canned brews a crack and some I’ve picked up more than once. Not to mention, cans can get pretty damn cold in a cooler during a ride.

My first choice of aluminum-clad hoppy goodness comes from Uinta out of Salt Lake, who just released several of their beers in canned format. Normally, my go-to ridiculously hopped, easy-to-get, slog is Ranger, but now there is a new sheriff in most towns (uh, stores). Hop Notch is a bold, refreshing, but dry IPA with an abundance of hops… that likes to be cold. It is quickly becoming my new standard.

Hop Notch IPA

Before setting up camp in the Pisgah Ranger District over this last weekend, there were’t many good choices at the local Bi-Lo, so I decided to try this canned brew from the local Asheville Brewing Company. Shiva IPA is an easy drinking, slightly buttery IPA with a hint of citrus and a smooth malt texture. Not as hop-slammed as the Hop Notch, but tasty and very drinkable.

Post-ride beer - IPA

After venturing back in to Asheville from Pisgah, we stopped at a West Ashvegas brew pub and I ordered a local beer from Green Man Brewery. Their Stormtrooper White IPA was a fantastically wonderful, hazy and creamy golden pour… and I liked it so much, I threw it in this post and interrupted my ‘canned goods’ theme. The intensely aromatic pine and citrus fragrance is followed by a nice leafy-green hopped juiciness with a very mellow wheat undertone. Stormtrooper is definitely more of an IPA than a wheat beer. I’ll be having another.

Green Man Stormtrooper White IPA
Stormtrooper White IPA



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