Post-ride Beer: Burial-Pisgah Cemetery Gates

Named after a Pantera song, Cemetery Gates was a complex concoction that made a perfect post-ride beer after a rock-strewn widow-maker downhill in Pisgah.

Day two of five was our main beer tasting day during a recent bikepacking trip through Pisgah. After a nice ride on Kitsuma, a long tarmac voyage through Asheville, and a stop at Wicked Weed Brewery, we pedaled a few hundred yards and saddled up to the bar at the lauded Burial Beer Co. While there we were treated to great company and an after hours tasting that included the epic Wrecking Bar Black Saison, and the Gandasa Imperial IPA. On the way out Tim, their mad scientist head brewer (shown above), handed us a bomber of Cemetery Gates, a Belgian IPA born from Burial’s collaboration with Pisgah Brewing. The rest in photo captions:

Burial Beer, Asheville, NC
The wall of taps at Burial.
Burial Beer, Asheville, NC

Nothing like a velvet Selleck.
Burial Beer, Asheville, NC
Burial Beer, Asheville, NC

More taps.
Burial Beer, Asheville, NC

Tim bidding us farewell. Make sure to check out Burial Beer next time you are in Asheville…
The next morning we wake to a quick breakfast and a climb up to the top of Green’s Lick.
Green's Lick Pisgah
Dustin going high on a berm…
Bikepacking Pisgah Bikepacking Blue Ridge Parkway
After a long climb up, we have a quick traverse on the Blue Ridge Parkway before Trace Ridge.
Bikepacking Pisgah
Bikepacking Pisgah
Bikepacking Pisgah

The brutal bottom of Trace Ridge.
Burial Beer / Pisgah Brewing Cemetery Gates

Chilling our bomber in the river where we made camp. I am normally not a huge fan of Belgian style IPAs; often they can be a little too wheaty, but Cemetery Gates is a different story. This limited edition collaboration between the two Ahseville breweries, Pigah and Burial, is a beautiful hop forward, floral ale that’s brewed with Bastogne Belgian yeast and Mosaic and Citra hops.
Bikepacking Pisgah
Waiting for it to chill… just in time for a fire.
Burial Beer / Pisgah Brewing Cemetery Gates

This one’s done, but the limited edition brew is hopefully still available on draught at Pisgah and Burial taprooms, as well as bombers at select locations.
Bikepacking Pisgah
Worth carrying in and packing out.

Read more about the route.



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