Post-ride Jelly!?

I do like to bend post-ride beer rules. And really, One Screw Loose’s ‘Brew Ha Habanero’ contains IPA… not to mention the fact that I devoured it after a giant ride. So, yes, post-ride jelly.

So while I was off on a big two-day bikepack through remote Appalachian wilderness (more on that later this week), Virginia went to a Craft-beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival in Raleigh. Hated to miss it but luckily my wife is very thoughtful and knows my stomach. So I returned to a jar of One Screw Loose’s ‘Brew Ha Habanero Beer Jelly Rub’. The label on the jar suggests that it works well as a cheese and cracker topper, so I didn’t waste any time preparing a spread.

This stuff is good. So good that I proceeded to put a significant dent in the jar and started to worry about what I’d do when it was empty. The flavor starts with a hint of a bitter grapefruit IPA. Then the sweet and that slightly smoke/earth flavor from the habanero is followed by a little pepper kick. It’s not too hot; perfect really, the more you eat the hotter it gets.

Luckily, you can buy this stuff online.

One Screw Loose IPA Habanero Jelly
Cream cheese and sliced tomatoes from the garden drizzled with heaven.

One Screw Loose IPA Habanero Jelly
Mmm, habanero shrapnel.

One Screw Loose IPA Habanero Jelly
I will be sad when this is empty.



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