Breaking the Cycle: A Quick Bikepacking Overnighter (Video)

In our latest video, Neil sets out on his first overnighter since the birth of his son a couple months ago. Join him on the ride as he reflects on the importance of getting out for a night under the stars, even if it’s only a few miles from home…

Amid our busy lives, getting out to enjoy doing what you’re truly passionate about can be a challenge. That’s been especially true for Neil and his partner, who welcomed a baby boy to the world 10 weeks ago. In this video, Neil brings us on his first overnighter since the arrival of his son and shares how important (and easy) it can be to break the cycle of routine and enjoy a night under the stars.

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“These short sub-24 hour overnighters are good for the soul… and really attainable.”

  • A Quick Overnighter Video
  • A Quick Overnighter Video
A Quick Overnighter Video

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