News: 2016 Salsa ‘Plus’ Bikes – The 29+ Deadwood & 27+ Pony Rustler

Today Salsa introduced their 2016 bike line up at SaddleDrive, the QBP model year event. Included in the line up are two brand new ‘plus’ bikes – the 29+ Deadwood & 27+ Pony Rustler. Both are very intriguing bikepacking options.

The Salsa Deadwood 29+

Playing off the geometry and disposition of their classic Fargo, on paper the Deadwood reads as an excellent bicycle choice for the nomadic expedition cyclist. It takes cues from the Fargo that make it an solid option for long rides in the saddle, such as the upright geometry and drop bars, and adds the cushion, traction, and go-anywhere prowess of 29+ tires.

Salsa Deadwood 29+ Bikepacking

The Deadwood is built on a ‘Cobra Kai’ double-butted chromolly tubeset with Alternator dropouts and uses the Boost 148 x 12mm rear spacing and crank configuration. Engineer Sean Mailen says, “SRAM’s Boost technology is perfect for the Deadwood because it allows for the same Q-Factor and proper crankset fit with a 3-inch tire, without sacrificing geometry or forcing some crazy chainstay design. Boost makes life simpler within these design parameters.” 

Salsa Deadwood 29+ Bikepacking
From Salsa: Adhering to our original goals with drop bar off-road machines, and using the tried and true geometry of our venerated Fargo as a jumping off point, we essentially added a lift kit to the mix to make room for 3-inch wide 29+ tires. The 29+ wheelsize and its no-fuss, up-for-anything disposition makes off the beaten path exploration for the chronic wanderer even easier.

Deadwood takes the “go far” mantra of our Fargo and challenges you rumble over even rougher terrain while going even farther. It’s another bike that will lead to the kinds of stories from far away places that we always love to hear. We look forward to seeing where Deadwood takes you.

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The Pony Rustler 27+

The Pony Rustler looks like the bike for folks melding enduro backcountry mountain biking with bikepacking: trips with rugged trails, epic descents, and a campsite in between. The Pony Rustler is closely based on the Horsethief, with a similar geometry and the proven 120mm Split Pivot rear suspension. With the added performance and traction of 3” tires, the Pony Rustler should be able to tackle an expanded portfolio of trails and surface conditions, with confidence.

Salsa Pony Rustler 27+ Bikepacking

The Pony Rustler also features a Boost 148 rear end which makes room for the bulky 3” WTB tires.

From Salsa: Pony Rustler features a Split Pivot chassis with a Boost 148 rear end that makes room for 27.5 x 3.0 tires. The 27.5+ tire features a similar overall tire diameter as a 29er, but with a smaller diameter rim and drastically increased tire volume. Paired with the wider hub flanges of the Boost 148 rear hub, the end result is a stiffer and stronger rear wheel that has the same roll-over characteristics of a 29er, but with an insane amount of climbing and cornering traction due to the sub-20 psi (approaching single-digit tire pressures) than can be run. With traction and tire pressures approaching a fatbike-like threshold, one might mistake the Pony Rustler for feeling and riding like a fatbike. Quite the opposite is true however. The magic of the mid-sized tires is closer to a modern 29er on steroids; think fast, smooth, and nimble. All that rubber on the ground means Pony Rustler redefines where and how you choose to ride your lines.
Salsa Pony Rustler 27+ Bikepacking




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