Chris Goodman

(Un)Inspired Rambler

Bikepacking Routes Ambassador

Chris started mountain biking in around 2005 whilst living in Scotland, and spent a few years failing to keep up with the group on climbs and invariably crashing on the descents. The idea of multiday off-road trips, weighed down by gear, would have sounded like an awful idea, had it even been something that occurred to him at that time.

A move down South and a few years spent bike commuting across London helped improve his legs a little, whilst at the same time building the urge to break free of the 9-5, to spend more time outdoors, and to see a bit of the world in slower, more exploratory way. About the same time, the power of the internet led him to slowly discover that there were all sorts of people undertaking adventurous journeys by bicycle, and that with a little knowledge and a bit of motivation, the options were limitless.

After a tentative first journey on a vastly overloaded bike down through Germany and Switzerland in 2011, Chris has slowly been trying to improve his setup to make riding long distance off-road trails not only possible, but also enjoyable! You can see how he’s doing over at (Un)InspiredRamblings.

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