Rigs of the 2024 Stagecoach 400

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The 2024 Stagecoach 400 kicks off today in Idyllwild, California, following a 400-mile loop on doubletrack, sandy desert roads, technical singletrack, and urban bike paths. Find our roundup of more than 30 loaded race rigs here, featuring bag and gear highlights for each…

The Stagecoach 400 is California’s longest mountain bike route, traversing an incredible patchwork of dirt doubletrack, sandy desert roads, technical singletrack, urban bike paths, and rolling tarmac. The route features the three distinct biomes of southern California: craggy, forested mountains; spectacularly desolate desert; and the ocean, with its rich coastal canyons and urban center of San Diego.

This year, over 50 riders are registered for live tracking, including a few individual time trials and a small group of riders who took on the Sideshow, a self-paced ride along a shortened version of the full Stagecoach route a week before the main event. Word is there is rain and the potential for snow expected up high, which might result in some last-minute route changes and will guarantee a challenging ride for everyone out there tackling the route. Find an introduction from organizer Meg Knobel below, and then scroll down to dig into this year’s rigs.

The 2024 Stagecoach 400

Words by Meg Knobel

Spring in Southern California has brought sunshine and green but surprised us with two strong Pacific storms for both the Sideshow and Grand Depart weekends. With heavy rain and some snow forecasted across the region, riders were given a new route to follow that avoids damaging sensitive singletrack in the San Diego area, circumvents mud as much as you can during a rainstorm, and moves riders more quickly over the high elevations. The desert is looking great and, hopefully, will be positively impacted by any rain it gets. The wildflowers are in full bloom right now! Idyllwild will be a wet and snowy finish. The new route is a bit shorter, and no records will be recorded for the grand depart. That said, ITTs this year could ride the original intended route as weather permits.

As exciting as it is to dot watch and see who grits it out fastest (and there are some fast people on the roster), the focus of the Stagecoach 400 has always been to experience the ride from the mountains to the ocean to the desert and celebrate the diversity of trails, ecosystems, and community throughout, rather than on individuals and time goals. We all love to push ourselves, and this grand depart will undoubtedly be full of those adventures for everyone across the field.

Holly Barnhart

Age 28 / Los Angeles, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Souvenir Cycles Hardtail.
BAGS: Swift Industries Zeitgeist Handlebar Pack, RAL EM Loader (modified straps to fit hardtail geo).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Down quilt, Molecule Bivy, sleeping pad, ACE Hardware tarp, and lots of cheese doodles.

Jonathan Black

Age 53 / Idaho Falls, Idaho (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding (party pacing) the Stage Coach 400 on a 2015 custom-built Surly Instigator 2.0. This is a 26+ bike, with Hope hubs, rolling on 47.2mm wide KrisHolm rims with 2.8″ Maxxis Minions. 140mm Fox Factory fork. Fox Factory dropper. The drivetrain is Shimano XT. Hope brakes to slow me down on some big descents!
BAGS: Surly framebag is full of food. The Revelate seat bag is full of rain gear. The Salsa rack on the handlebars holds the sleeping kit. Revelate fuel tank. Gear Blocks to help secure 1L bottles to the suspension fork.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A tent instead of a bivy, due to rain – Big Agnes Copper Spur bikepacker UL1. Ultralight Western Mountaineering bag packs small. Lots of serious raingear from Showers Pass. eTrex 30 for getting lost plus InReach Explorer for getting found. And finally, I’m packing a few prayers!

Robyn Blackfelner

Age 40 / San Diego, California (USA)

2024 stagecoach 400 rigs

BIKE: I’m on one of the last Santa Cruz Carbon Chameleons, lovingly built up from the frame with a Fox 34, SRAM XX1 drivetrain, and XTR brakes. I’m running Maxis Ardents 2.25″ tires.
BAGS: An Aero Spider rack (but not if Santa Cruz warranty asks) with some dry bags, an Orucase Smuggler handlebar bag, and a Bontrager half frame bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My favorite piece of gear is an iPod Shuffle scored off our local Buy Nothing group loaded with indie rock classics from the mid-2000s. These things weigh nothing and play for 15+ hours on a single charge!

Joe Bush

Age 30 / Seattle, Washington (USA)

2024 stagecoach 400 rigs

BIKE: I’ll be on an Orbea Alma with a RockShox SID SL Ultimate 100mm fork, 2.35″ Vittoria Mezcal tires, SRAM Transmission with 36T x 10-52T gearing, and Profile Design 35a aerobars.
BAGS: Apidura 4L frame and 2L top tube bag, Ortlieb 11L seatbag, and Leavenworh Mountain Projects feed bag. Water: 1.75L in the frame, 2L USWE hydration pack, and 1L Katadyn Filter
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: One of the bottles is filled with close to 3,000 calories of pure maple syrup. First time with flat bars, suspension, SRAM, and a dropper. Excited to see how it feels. SOL Bivy for some naps.

Jake Cullen

Age 27 / Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: BMC Twostroke 01 with GX AXS, XT Brakes, and We Are One Convergence rims laced to an SP Dynamo Hub.
BAGS: All Apidura, with an Expedition 9l Saddle Bag, Backcountry Top Tube Bags (Long Front, + Rear), Backcountry 1l Framepack, and an Expedition 1l Downtube Bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: With the expected rain (or snow?!), I’ll be happy to have Albion Zoa rain gear, as well as GripGrab Explorer waterproof shoe covers, and Black Diamond overmitts. Aside from that, switching from S-Bend to J-Bend aero bars has been a revelation, and coupled with some seriously cut-down Salsa Rustler bars and SQ-lab innerbarends, my hands will (hopefully) be very happy.

Cyrus Desmarais

Age 32 / Wenatchee, Washington (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a Binary Havok SS, 32x20T. Tires are 2.35”, Mezcal in the back, and Specialized ground control in the front. Rear Panzer insert.
BAGS: Revelate (hopper, feed bags, and accessory), Rockgeist downtube repair kit, UltraAspire running vest, and a custom-made top tube bag by Moosetrackpacks.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 3L water carrying capacity, Fenix lighting, UL pogies, and emergency bivy if I get sleepy.

Gregory Dyas

Age 49 / Carmel, Indiana (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: 2021 Salsa Cutthroat, SRAM XX1 30 x 10-52T, RockShox SID Ultimate SL fork, RockShox Reverb AXS XPLR dropper.
BAGS: Tailfin AeroPack, Rogue Panda framebag, and an assortment of top tube and feedbags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Going down Oriflamme on a rigid bike last year had me missing the wonders of front suspension, so I’m coming at it with a bouncy fork this year. Tailfin bottle cage mounts let me still put bottles on the new fork, and having Apidura’s 3L bladder in the bottom of the framebag lets me load up on water for the desert.

Brian Elander

Age 22 / Moab, Utah (USA)

2024 stagecoach 400 rigs

BIKE: Gen 1 Trek Supercaliber with Hayes components, AXS shifting, and custom Oveja Negra bags.
BAGS: A custom Oveja Negra full frame bag and large seat bag to hold a minimal sleep system and full cold weather and rain gear. Handlebar snack bags and top a tube bag to provide easy access to water and food.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A down sleeping bag and waterproof emergency bivy to keep me warm at night. Lots of good tunes, audiobooks, and gummy candies to keep me rolling through the night!

Emily Elliott

Age 38 / Redlands, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Scott Spark 910.
BAGS: Nuclear Sunrise feed bags, Revelate Designs Gas Tank and Pole Cat dry bag, Oveja Negra frame bag, random thrift store tool bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Old Man Mountain Elkhorn rack, 6L water capacity, 2.6″ Maxxis Rekons.

Kevin Emery

Age 53 / Victor, Idaho (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’m pedaling a 2022 Pivot Mach 4 SL. Fox suspension provides a 100mm rear and 120mm front. Industry Nine Trail 270 aluminum rims, Hydra hubs, and Maxxis Ikon 2.35″ tires. Ergon touch points for hands and rump. SRAM XO 12-speed transmission, wireless shifting 30T x 10-52T gearing.
BAGS: All the frame bags are Rogue Panda, the handlebar harness is Revelate Designs Pronghorn, and the dropper seat bag is Rockgeist Gondola.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Navigation with Garmin Edge 530 iPhone backup. Lighting by Fenix and Princeton Tech. For this Rainy event, my hands and upper body will be kept warm and dry by Black Diamond Climbing Equipment. My lower body will be covered by Gorewear brand Gore-Tex sock covers and roasting turkey bags to line my socks when the Gore-Tex fails in my shoes. Gorewear brand Gore-Tex Paclite rain pants. Lots of trash bags and plastic to seal everything else from the elements. Sleep kit is a credit card. A sleeping bag and pad will be carried because I’m smart like that.

Jono Freeman

Age 31 / Bushwick, New York (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’m bringing my 2023 Santa Cruz Highball back to its home coast. Mostly OEM with a few SQ-Labs/Ergon components wherever my body touches the bike. I upgraded the brakes to 4-piston and added a 180mm front rotor after a crash due to overheating last year but otherwise sticking with what works. Despite the photo, I’ll have a set of aero-bars to attempt to stave off the inevitable cubital tunnel syndrome.
BAGS: A full set of Revelate bags and a custom Rogue Panda Framebag that will be stuffed to the brim with to-go burritos.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: This will be my first time “racing” pairs, so I’m carrying a full 2-person tent and additional water to offset Erin’s load. The picture of her is still on the top tube, but it’s almost entirely bleached, so I’ll have to settle for the real thing. I’m not especially superstitious, but I’m leaving the good luck spoke card my friends made for me last August on the bike until it falls off.

Sean Geivett

Age 32 / Portland, Oregon (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Santa Cruz Highball Rolling on Vitoria Mezcal 2.2″, with 1X12 AXS Eagle Drivetrain, and a 28T Aarn DM Chainring up front. SQ Labs ergonomic bits for all-day comfort.
BAGS: Re-Strap Pro Race luggage set: top tube bag longer than the route itself, frame bag, rear and front dry bag holsters, and two handlebar feed bags to hold all the peanut butter.

Kirill Glushko

Age 35 / Seattle, Washington (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing Stagecoach 400 on a Bearclaw Beaux Jaxon, which is an absolute shredder of a bike, riding SRAM Eagle AXS 38 x 10-52T, modded with Hope RX4+ brakes. Fresh Schwalbe Thunderburt 29×2.35″ tires, Good Weather wheels, Profile Design aerobars, White Industries, and Thompson bits and bobs.
BAGS: Custom full frame and top tube bag made by LOAM out of Bellingham, WA. Absolutely amazing bags that have been a game changer for me, definitely check them out. Ortlieb Seat Pack is tough and waterproof, as basic as it gets.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Lots of layers for the ever-changing weather conditions, maybe too many socks, water capacity to the nines (provided by ample cargo cages), an emergency bivvy if for some reason I’m forced to sleep. Otherwise standard bikepacking fare.

Cameron Gunn

Age 25 / Bozeman, Montana (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Revel El Jefe, Shimano XT making it go and stop.
BAGS: A mix of Revelate Designs, Tailfin, and custom.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My custom frame bag, handmade here in Bozeman by my friend Andrew Riley (@soggycardboard). It’s one of a kind and I love it. My Baryak ultra crossbar is another highlight. I use it for my lights, my GPS, and support for my front bag.

Doug Hanna

Longmont Colorado (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Ibis Ripley, XT drivetrain, i9 wheels and hubs.
BAGS: Revalate Designs front bag, Rockgeist frame bags, and Tailfin out back.

Eric Hendrickson

Age 33 / Thousand Oaks, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Otso Fenrir stainless steel with Salsa Firestarter fork. The transmission is a basic Shimano SLX 1×12. I will be running 29″ x 2.4″ tires with a Teravail Honcho leading the way and a Maxxis Aspen rear.
BAGS: My bags are mix-N-match consisting of a wetsuit changing mat converted into a front roll which carries my sleep set up. The front roll is wrapped in an extra rain fly as well. REI Link frame bag (broke down and purchased after I botched my first attempt at sewing… sorry, Mom!). A Revelate seat tube bag is out back and an REI gas tank bag for quick grab treats on the top tube. Down low there is an old Davids Tea tin that now serves as my tool kit.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: What I love the most about this bike beyond the frame is the Wren Perseverance flat bar with a HUGE aero loop. So far, I really like this funky bar, and it lets you stretch out comfortably, as well as easily attach gear and lights out front. I have a Wahoo Roam for navigation in the middle of the aero loop, and the bars allow for the front light to be above the bed roll easily.

John Holtschneider

Age 48 / Medford, Oregon (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my beloved Tanglefoot Hardtack. Likely, my body is not ready for everything that is about to take place, but this bike definitely is! I built it to be simple and durable with a Soma Uno bar end shifter (1×11), Velocity Cliffhanger rims, Paul Component Klampers, and White Industries hubs and crank.
BAGS: My giant Rockgeist half framebag will be doing more than its fair share of carrying. The other bags are a Salsa EXP Anything setup on the bars, a Revelate Terrapin set up in the back, and a Dirtbags feedbag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m bringing an Outdoor Research Helium bivy. I’ll be navigating with my trusty eTrex 20 (perfect for those times when I get really nostalgic for an early 2000s cell phone). I will also have my Meta Ray-Bans to try to capture some video. Last, I am bringing a Spotify playlist that I may have spent more time working on than I spent training.

Jordan Khodabande

Age 26 / San Diego, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my trusty 2020 Salsa Fargo with an 11-46T cassette/32T chainring and Vittoria Mezcal 2.35″ tires in front and back. I discovered cracks in one of my rims the week of the grand depart, so I’ll be riding with a fresh rear wheel too!
BAGS: The seatpack and stem caddy are from Outer Shell, the framebag is from Rogue Panda, and my handlebar bag is from Road Runner.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For my sleep system, I’ll be using an Enlightened Equipment 20° quilt, Outdoor Research Helium Bivy, and a Therm-a-Rest XLite.

Meg Knobel

Age 39 / San Diego, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Santa Cruz Blur with Ardent Race tires that probably need replacing, but here we are.
BAGS: Rockgeist frame bag, Speedgoat handlebar roll, Revelate Designs and Sea to Summit everything else. I’m also wearing an Osprey 12L pack with a big triangle reflector on the back.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My friend Brian’s Gearblocks fork bottle holders! Old Man Mountain rear rack has been a game changer for my small bike. And, a full set of rain gear… ready!

Warren Kommers

Age 45 / Bozeman, Montana (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’m riding the JaquePacuer 5400, formerly a 2017 Specialized Fatboy Carbon Comp. When I filmed The Adventure Dispatch series for Specialized, this bike was provided to me to follow Steve Fassbinder through Utah. I liked the XL geometry so much and the fact it could take any wheel with the potential bonus of added mud clearance, that I had it custom-painted. The base color is that of the interior of my first car, a 1985 Nissan/Datsun 720 pickup. It features an oil painting from my father, Peter Kommers about meeting friends along the Rocky Mountains on the top tube. It rolls on 29er Reserve 37 wheels laced to an Onyx Vesper fat bike hub in the rear. For added hand positions I’ve got a Whisky Spano dropbar. The chainring is an Absolute Black oval 28t and it sends the links to 12-speed Shimano GRX.
BAGS: The top tube bag is also a Specialized marketing leftover from shooting the Bura Bura bag launch. Road Runner in Los Angeles made the frame bag in the center. The saddle bag is a ReStrap aero bar harness, modified to work on the hardware from the Specialized Bura Bura seat bag in the rear.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ll be sleeping in a REI down sleeping bag and bivy. I carry two polycro cloths, one for the floor and another to toss over the top should it rain.

Tracy Kubas

Age 37 / Corona del Mar, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the Stagecoach 400 on a Specialized Fuse. The bike is running Vittoria Mezcal 2.6” tires. The cockpit is set up with Enve carbon bars and Ergon bar ends to make the ride more comfortable. I have a comically low and long stem to get a more cross-country position on this trail-oriented bike.
BAGS: The bike features a Revelate Designs Terrapin 8L seat bag, Rogue Panda custom frame bag, and Revelate Designs Mag Tank top tube bag. I also have a Salsa Anything Cradle mounted to the handlebars paired with a Revelate Designs Pronghorn Drybag (not pictured). I’ll be carrying a Camelbak hydration pack with a 3L capacity + 2 additional litters in CNOC hydration bags for the dry stretches.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Gossamer Gear The One single wall tent will protect me from the expected rain. I am bringing my small but mighty Western Mountaineering Summerlight sleeping bag and an Exped Ultra 3R sleeping pad.

Jerome Lacote

Age 48 / Carlsbad, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: A comfy bike is a fast bike, I ride a full suspension down-country 2022 Specialized Epic Evo, Fox Step-Cast 34 fork, Formula Cura4 brakes, Sram XO1 AXS Transmission, Reverb AXC Seatpost, ZTTO cassette, XTR crankset, 2.4″ Specialized Renegade tires on ultralight Dblakk.com wheelset, Jones Loop Bar.
BAGS: My sleeping kit fits in a 13L Sea to Summit dry bag tied to a nifty Aeroe Spider rear rack that lets me use my dropper seat, a frame bag custom-made by PratsPacks in Ukraine (Etsy), a cheap RockBros handlebar bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I love my specialized down jacket, a new to me Pearl Izumi rain jacket, a very bright outbound lighting, phoenix lights, and an iGPSPORT radar/rear tail light (because I really don’t want to get hit by a car anymore). I might ditch the tent and just use an emergency bivy, but I have a small pillow, Tyvek ground sheet, Nemo pad, and REI Magna 30 sleeping bag.

Jackson Lester

Age 34 / Oakland, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Custom ti drop bar MTB from Unicorn with a Salsa Cutthroat fork with 520mm PNW Coast handlebars and aero bars on top of that. I’ll be on a Brooks B-17 Ti saddle atop a Whiskey carbon seatpost. The Nobl rear wheel has an Onyx Classic hub that gives the bike a really satisfying springy feel in the drive from an oval 38t chainring and 11-51 11-speed Garbaruk cassette. I decided to ditch the dynamo for this race and use only battery powered lights instead. I’ll have a 29×2.6″ Mezcal in the front and a 29×2.25″ mezcal in the back.
BAGS: My bike is a rolling puma party with matching feed bags, handlebar bag, and stem bag from Dispersed Bikepacking. Having used a lot of what’s out there, I can tell these are the real deal and the best in the game. I also have a seat pack from Oveja Negra and a too small frame bag from Revelate. I also plan to carry a small Dakine hip pack to give myself a little extra water capacity.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m getting to the start by bike and by train and doing this race as a part of a bigger overall adventure. I’ll be rolling to the start with a Tumbleweed T Rack and Ortlieb Panniers, stashing those during the race, and then continuing on my merry way with all of my gear afterward.

Armando Garcia-Llanos

Age 36 / Tijuana, Baja California (Mexico)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Specialized Epic Evo featuring a FOX 34 SC fork, Roval Control wheelset, Maxxis Aspen 2.4″ tires, SRAM GX AXS drivetrain, Shimano XT brakes, Thomson dropper, Ergon GS3 grips, SQlab Innerbarneds, and a Prologo Dimension saddle.
BAGS: All the bags are from Revelate Designs, including a Mag-Tank, Pronghorn with Egress pocket attached, two feedbags, Shrew seat bag, and I’ll be wearing a Salomon Hydration vest.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m very happy with the overall setup. I opted to bring a full sleep kit, along with Fenix battery-powered lights, extra batteries, and a power bank to keep electronics going. The goal was to have a light kit without compromising comfort too much.

Taylor Mihelic

Age 30 / San Luis Obispo, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my 2019 Specialized Chisel that’s been passed down through my friend group. Speedy enough on the road and super fun and sendy on trails.
BAGS: Revelate frame bag and seat pack, Swift Industries Zeitgeist front bag, Salsa cages on the fork to carry liter water bottles.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Waterproof everything to stay dry in the rain.

Zachary Morvant

Age 40 / San Francisco, California (USA)

2024 stagecoach 400 rigs

BIKE: Santa Cruz Highball CC X01.
BAGS: A mix of owned and borrowed Apidura Racing and Bikepacking bags (thanks Chas!), Outer Shell Stem Caddy, USWE hydration pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Full rainsuit. Lots of hand warmers. This is going to get gnarly. Shoutout to the crew at Big Swingin’ Cycles for getting my sled ready to shred.

Mark Owen

Age 53 / Sunland, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: This will be my third attempt on the Stagecoach 400. Hopefully it’s a charm. This time I am riding my custom Scott Spark full squish w/ 120mm in the rear and 130mm in the front. The TwistLoc allows me to shorten the travel or completely lock it out. The highlights of the rest of the parts spec is Cane Creek eeWings cranks, Sram AXS shifting and wireless Rock Shox dropper. Wheels are DT SWISS XR391 rims w/ 350 hub in the rear and an SP Dynamo hub up front. I’m trying some faster rolling Continental RaceKing’s front and rear this year. My latest acquisition for bikepacking is the USB charger for the dynamo. It’s pretty trick. For lights I run Exposure 6 pack on the bars and joystick on the helmet.
BAGS: Both of my bikepacking bikes are setup with a full complement of Rockgeist bags including the Bar Jam which is so sturdy and movement free. I’ve got the frame bag mostly filled w/ a 3L bladder and a 1L katadyn filter/bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Other than that I’ve got the handlebar bag filled with an OR Helium Bivy, Sea to Summit Spark SP1 sleeping bag, and Ether Light XT sleeping pad. On my body I’ll run Mavic bibs, wool jersey, arm/leg warmers, windbreaker and the obligatory Mountain Hardwear down puffy. My Garmin inReach mini will allow my family to find me if things go awry. The iPhone has all the routes loaded into GaiaGPS and I can also watch Netflix, listen to podcasts or just rock out or chill to my eclectic playlists.

Shelly Peppe-Nani

Age 54 / Bonsall, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Giant XTC hardtail.
BAGS: Revelate Designs all over.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Lots of Tyvek is nestled into all the bags!

Mateo Paez

Age 32 / Bend, Oregon (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Otso Fenrir Ti.
BAGS: All of my Bags are from Cyclite. Large Top Tube Bag, Small Frame Bag and two feed bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Albion Zoa Rain Trousers and Albion Zoa Rainshell Jacket for the potential downpours. Broken spokes. No cell phone.

Erin Poland

Age 33 / Bushwick, New York (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a 2023 Cannondale Scalpel named Dr. Pepper! She’s wearing my trusty Brooks saddle that’s taken my stubborn butt across the country and a shiny new pair of Mezcal shoes!
BAGS: The centerpiece of my bike is a Revelate Framebag that I’ve used on every tour and my husband Jono brought (stole) for SRMR. Since I ride a small frame, I’m excited to test out the Tailfin downtube pack to add some much-needed storage! I also have my Rogue Panda top tube and saddle bags, and two snack bags from Blue Lug and Roadrunner to keep the snacking going all ride long!
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Pink! Lots of pink!

Paul Ratchford

Age 56 / Hereford, Arizona (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my 2016 Advocate Hayduke. I specifically bought it from Brendan Collier at the Hub to do the 2017 SC400. I just put a nice chunky Vittoria Martello 2.8″ front tire on for all those washed-out forest roads, and I replaced the Maxxis Ikon on the rear. I’ve been running the Jones Loop H bars on it since I got it.
BAGS: I mounted the Blackburn Outpost rack with the help of the Old Man Mountain fit kit. I found some lightweight and durable Arkel saddlebags. I’ll keep my sleep kit in a dry bag on the rack. I have a Revelate framebag and front roll.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For navigation I will be running my Garmin 66i with the inReach activated. My most exciting addition is my new Jpak Farva top tube bag. Maybe I can fit enough Scooby snacks to keep from bonking.

Neil Richardson

Age 35 / La Honda, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Trek ProCaliber 9.6, full XT drivetrain with SLX brakes, 100mm SID Ultimate SL fork, Light Bicycle carbon rims with DT180 hubs, Salsa Rustler carbon bars, Ergon GP3 grips, Maxxis Ikon 2.35″ front, Maxxis Ikon 2.2″ rear, FSA SLK Carbon seatpost.
BAGS: Revelate Designs Rifter frame bag with Fenix PD36R flashlight for the helmet, charging kit, lots of calories and a light layer, carbon pole and stakes for the tarp, Mag Tank 2000 top tube bag for more on the go fueling, Joey downtube bag with an emergency liter of water, sealant emergency calories + caffeine, Wayward Riders Louise harness with Sea to Summit 8L dry bag carries the just in case tarp and bivy for if the storms this weekend pick up, insulated REI puffy, Montbell rain jacket, rain pants, two pairs of socks (one waterproof) and med kid, Outershell SF feed bags with 2 liters of water, Dakine Hot Laps Gripper bag for tube/C02.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Star of the show is the Rock Shox SID Ultimate SL and the extra bounce of the Trek IsoPro (it really works!), along with the Fenix BC26R on the bars, PD36R on the helmet, extra battery for riding through the night. The POC Ventral Lite helmet is super comfy and incredibly light, and my trusty Gore Windstopper neck gaiter, which I’ve had for over ten years.

Kimmi Runner

Age 42 / Warner Springs, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: For my first go at Stagecoach 400, I’ll ride my Santa Cruz Highball rigid. I’m running Kenda Rush 2.2″ tires with the extra sidewall casing protection, a Garmin Edge 1040 solar to navigate, and a couple of power banks (the dynamo setup would be sweet, but I’m rolling with what I’ve got for now).
BAGS: Sleep setup will be a ZPacks sleeping bag and Borah Gear Bivy. I bought a few Revelate Designs bags a decade ago wanting to get into bikepacking…for several life reasons, they still had the tags on them last Fall. So I’m pumped to use them.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m most excited about the InReach mount Devin fabricated out of spare aluminum bracketry from one of the train HVAC rebuilds our company does. It’s a cool way to rep him and our work. My Ranchita Rambler patch for decor, some rain gear, hand-warmers, and perhaps a few cookies shoved about, and a smile on my face getting to ride beautiful SoCal backyard trails with the fine folks riding Stagecoach this year.

Christopher Schmidt

Age 48 / Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: Trek Top Fuel full squish SID Ultimate with SRAM AXS Eagle drivetrain, possibly over-blipped, a 32T chainring, 10-52T cassette. 3T flip-up aero bars mounted on a Fred bar, ESI grips, + CaneCreek bar ends. Bontrager Kove Elite Carbon wheelset with fresh Vittoria Mezcal 2.3” tires. Pedaling Shimano XTR pedals. Rockshock Reverb AXS dropper.
BAGS: Apidura aerobar pack, Tailfin on the top tube, Revelate feedbags, custom Bedrock Bags framebag, and a JayP deluxe rear bag mounted on a Tailfin carbon rail/arch held in good keeping by Widefoot voile straps. PEdALED hydration vest.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Montbell Breeze Dry-Tec sleeping bag cover as my bivvy (maybe) resting on a small Therm-a-Rest Neo-Air sleeping pad. The sleep kit and insulation are completed by a custom Nunatak down-filled half bag (aka the “JayP skirt”) below and a custom Nunatak synthetic pullover puffy up top. Zpacks tarp overhead in a pinch. I have an Exposure with a Diablo headlight and a SixPack up front lighting the way.

Tom Schwemberger

Age 28 / Eugene, Oregon (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Lauf Seigla with 2.25″ Vittoria Mezcal tires. The drivetrain is SRAM wireless with a 10-52T cassette, 38T chainring, and a Quark power meter. I’ll be using a SON dynamo and an Edelux II headlight mounted on the aerobars.
BAGS: Most of my bags are from 7Roads, including the custom frame bag, top tube bag, and stem bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I had a buddy CNC a bar-end plug, which is also a housing for the switch for the dynamo charger.

Stephen Shelesky

Age 29 / Santa Monica, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding an Otso Fenrir Ti Flat Bar with a 1×12 SRAM GX Eagle Drivetrain, RockShox Pike Select front fork, Vittoria Mezcal 2.25” tires, an Industry Nine rear wheel and DT Swiss front wheel with a SON Dynamo Hub.
BAGS: I’ll be using a full Revelate Designs setup with a Tangle Frame Bag, Spinelock 16L seat bag, Egress pocket up front, and two Mountain Feedbags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My Albion rain kit will likely be the most important highlight this year.

Paul Turner

Age 68 / Alpine, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing my 7th Stagecoach 400 on my trusty Turner Nitrous Ti. XO1 1×12 drivetrain. Maxxis 29 x 2.4″ Rekon Race tires.
BAGS: Complete Rogue Panda custom bags, feed bags, and Ripsey seat bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Look at the photo, need I say more?

Liam Yates

Age 29 / Forest Row (United Kingdom)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding Stagecoach 400 on my Canyon Grizl, Shimano wheels, and groupset with a 50/34T crankset and an 11-40T cassette. Hutchinson Tundra 45mm tyres and Canyon aero bars/stem.
BAGS: I’ll be using my custom Apidura frame pack for all of my gear, clothing, and spares. For all my water and small bits, I’ll be using the Apidura hydration vest.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: iPhone 13 Pro and some aero socks.

Marco Zamora

Age 42 / Pasadena, California (USA)

2024 Stagecoach 400 Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my good old Titanium Seven Sola with SRAM XX1 1x drivetrain. Thomson Ti bars and stem, Brooks B17 saddle, Reynolds Carbon wheels with Vittoria 2.25″ Mezcals.
BAGS: A big mix of bags, including an Acepac harness and bottle bags, Salsa 15L Drybag. Restrap frame bag, Green Guru Saddle bag, and a bunch of Sea to Summit drybags for electronics and valuables because it will be pouring.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My Cub House and Ral x Rus Pope Bottles for agua!

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