The Chino Grinder is an event for experienced and well-trained endurance bicyclists. Riders will choose to ride either 66 miles or the 120-mile Chino Extremo…


Date: September 25, 2021

Time: 7:00 am


Cost: $90 – $130

Event Website

Organizer: AZ Gravel Rides


The Chino Grinder is a classic-style gravel road cycling event started in 2014 featuring a variety of terrain and surfaces to test cyclists of all skill levels. From the start in the City of Williams (Gateway to the Grand Canyon) the course follows the Overland Historic Road Trail, the oldest continuously used road in the United States (since 1000 AD). The route passes through virtually every type of habitat that one could find in Arizona. The scenery here is diverse. The technical aspects of the route itself are interesting too. There are a number of fun climbs with some interesting sections of fast twists and turns to add character to the ride and keep you wondering what‘s around the next bend.

For 2021 we will offer course distance options of 66 miles (yes, its 66 miles and starts and finishes on Route 66!) and a 120 mile Chino Extremo option for the elite endurance riders.