The Abruzzo Trail Mags Experience is a self-supported bikepacking event following an off-road road between Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso D’italia…


Date: June 23, 2023

Time: 7:00 am


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Organizer: Asd Gran Sasso Trail

Email: info@

The Mags Experience, is a Bikepacking Trail that connects our Adriatic Sea to the Gran Sasso D’italia. You will pass through ancient villages, unspoiled plateaus and colorful hills. All that you can discover, including art, history and traditions in one bikepacking trip, all on your own. You will have points of interest on gpx and paper maps, where you can stop for a rest, refreshments and to discover the wonders of Abruzzo. Suitable for both Mountain Bike and Gravel bikes, with two different routes just to enhance the user experience on the territory.
We will start from Pineto, we have a route for both gravel and mtb, consisting of 270km and 5400 D+ elevation gain.

Included in the registration, you will receive:
-Gravel or Mtb track in gpx format.
-Gadget signed kicking Donkey Bikebags
-Paper map with useful tips and points of interest
-Hygiene facilities at the end of the trail so you can freshen up
-Abruzzese briefing: we will explain the trail providing useful ideas for your cycle trip
-Refreshment points on the trail to refresh your souls

Registration is now open