A-Cross the 5 is a “Pure Mountain Bike” bikepacking race, completely unsupported, across Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Germany, and the Netherlands…


Date: July 31

Time: 8:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Berten de Canne and Stefan Maertens

Email: acrossthefive@gmail.com


De Leeuw van Vlaanderen – Zandvliet

Antwerpsebaan 413
Zandvliet, Antwerp 2040 Belgium

ACT5, or A-Cross the 5 is an unsupported bikepacking adventure across 5 countries: Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Germany and the Netherlands.

It starts and finishes in Zandvliet (20 km north of Antwerp, Belgium). The total distance to be covered is 1200km with about 20.000 verticals. If you want to challenge yourself, you get 7 days and 4 hours to finish the whole GPX track. But you can ride it at your own pace too, of course.

ACT4, or A-Cross the 4 will take you across 4 countries: Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and the Netherlands.

It also starts in Zandvliet on the same date and hour as ACT5 #6. Total distance is just beneath 982km with about 16.000 verticals. You get 6 days to finish the whole GPX track, or you ride it at your own pace. This track branches off of the ACT5 track and joins it again later on. Both tracks are pure MTB tracks. We do not recommend to ride it with a gravel bike.