Join Adventurefuel Bikepacking for a three-day bikepacking course where you will learn all the mechanical skills, camping tricks, and packing tips for a successful and fun bikepacking adventure…


Date: November 8

Time: 8:00 am


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Organizer: Adventurefuel Bikepacking


Led by an experienced guide, you will learn everything you need to start having your own bikepacking adventures.

We provide all of the bikepacking equipment, you just need to show up and get ready to start your bikepacking journey.

Day 1- Start with some introductions and then look at our bikes and the range of bikepacking bags available and how to pack them for a trip. In the afternoon we will have lunch then go out for a ride on our loaded bikes. Getting to know the feel of them with the added weight and making adjustments as we go. Approximately 40km of mostly unpaved trail.

Day 2- We dive right into basic bike mechanics. With a bunch of spares and a practise bike to get fully involved. Ask as many questions as you like, this is about building confidence and skills. Then we head to the trailhead to start our overnight ride. Trails will vary depending on weather but will all be easy riding (grade 2 single track, quiet gravel road or 4×4 track) We will stop often for snacks and chats and more snacks. This day is roughly around 30-40km of riding total. We set up camp and have dinner and maybe a swim for the brave.

Day 3- We have breakfast and ride back to the trailhead, again plenty of stopping for snacks and chats along the way. We can practise any skills along the way as well. This day is roughly around 30-40km of riding total. We finish the day at the local pub/ cafe for a celebration for completing the trip and an open forum for questions.