All Along The Watchtowers is a self-supported group ride along 7 “Luchtwachttorens” in the east of the Netherlands…


Date: May 5

Time: 9:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Steven Nijweide


“All along the watchtowers 2023” is a group start for a big ride along 7 “Luchtwachttorens” in the east of the Netherlands. This will be a mostly off-road self supported bike ride.

It will not be an “organised” event but rather a joint start of an individual ride. The route is ready and is extensively tested. although mostly off-road , it is not a very technical ride and suitable for any gravel- or mountain-bike: Run-watya-brung. The route is approx. 750km.

The start is Friday `May 5th 9:00 at ’t Boshuys in Echten where we will have a mandatory group breakfast at 8:00. We’ll also have the chance to park the care there and even to camp before or after the event.

Although the group start itself is free, there is a cost of €15,- for breakfast, parking and camping at ‘ Boshuys. We also keep track of the number of riders planning to start, as to not top overload the route.

If you want to join us, let us know by DM, WhatsApp or messenger