An unsupported journey through the North of England following ten control points along the way – what happens in between is up to you…


Date: September 4, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm


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All Points North is an unsupported cycling event across the north of England. The 2021 edition will feature ten new controls scattered across the north of England.

Riders will need to ride approximately 1000km in order to visit all ten controls, but there’s no set route so, ultimately, the order you visit the controls in and the route that you take between them, is entirely up to you. You’ll need to be completely self-sufficient throughout with no outside assistance unless it’s commerically available to all riders.

Riders will leave A Different Gear bike shop in Sheffield at 8pm on Friday, 22nd May and Although there’s no official time cut-off, a hot buffet meal will be served to finishers from 8pm onwards on Tuesday, 7th May.

In 2021 we have ‘Rookie’ category for those who are new to bikepacking and feel like they would benefit from a daytime start and a couple of extra hours. Rookie places are limited to 20 and these riders will set off at the earlier time of 12 noon on the 4th.

We have 60 solo places and 10 pairs places. Some of these places will be taken by 2020 riders who deferred their place from last year’s cancelled event. Any remaining places will become available in March.

In 2021 trackers will be compulsory and included in the price of the entry fee rather than an optional extra, so this means that the price will increase a little but we’re doing our best to keep the entry fee under £100.