Following a 75-km circular route in the heart of Les Gavarres, the Basso Girona Gravel Ride offers a little bit of everything.


Date: June 2, 2019

Time: 9:00 am


Cost: €58

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Organizer: joan miro


The Gravel course allows participants to discover Les Gavarres, a massif with meandering, good quality forest tracks, which are ideal for our adventure. The course will be followed by means of GPS Track. There will be no signs along the way, allowing participants to experience a Gravel adventure with complete freedom.

Riders will leave Girona bordering the northern part of Les Gavarres following the tracks that run parallel to the Ter river. Level with the village of Monells the course will enter the Area of Natural Interest (EIN) of Les Gavarres on an uninterrupted climb surrounded by cork oak and holm oak trees. The course will reach further into the most silent and most remote corners of the massif, away from traffic and large towns. It will proceed through the lower part of the western section of Les Gavarres, before passing the Sanctuary of Els Ángeles and the Castle of Sant Miquel. The course will then enter Girona by way of the Sant Daniel Valley alongside the Galligants River.