12 states, 3,500 miles, self-supported, mixed terrain, from Portland, Oregon to Washington, DC…


Date: June 19

Time: 6:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Ride Yr Bike

Email: nathan@rideyrbike.com

Bike Nonstop US – A 3500 mile mixed terrain race across the United States

What is Bike Nonstop US even like?

We made an alternative to the Trans Am Bike Race that uses as much bike infrastructure as possible. That said, many inquire as to what that infrastructure is like and where is it located.

How much of the route is on bike path?

Roughly one third of the course, or about 1230 miles are on dedicated separated bike path. This means racers are in no way in the lane of traffic aside from intersection crossings.

How much gravel is there and how coarse is it?

There is only about 100 miles of actual coarse open road gravel on this route. There are about 500 miles of crushed limestone on the Cowboy Trail, the Katy Trail, and the GAP Trail and then the Wabash Trace and C&O Canal trails are both a dirt two track style. The route was not designed with the intention of sending people onto extended periods of rough roads for no reason, all gravel connections are to add either scenic value or to provide a safe alternative to a paved highway.

What size tires are needed?

32 to 40 millimeters is the sweet spot. 2019’s race was won on a 28 millimeter tire though it was not without sacrifice to nerve damage so choose wisely.