Rim Tours in Moab is running an intensive bikepacking 101 course, in both May and June, based around three days out on the trail and one prep day…


Date: May 17, 2021

Time: 8:00 am


Cost: $950

Event Website

Organizer: Scott Pauker

Email: spokeandwords@gmail.com

We are offering 2 introductory courses in bikepacking that would teach participants all you need to set out on their own independent tours, in mid-May and mid-June. Both courses will cover all the same information and skills, but the riding/shakedown tour portion of each course will be in different levels of terrain challenge. We will have complete bike/bags/camp kits available for rent to help you test out the experience without too much commitment!

Our May trip will feature intermediate terrain with more challenging climbs and some technical sections of 4×4 roads while the June date will ride on moderate terrain with less technical challenge. Day 1 for both trips will be an all-day clinic on preparation and packing for your ride and Days 2-4 will be out on the trail putting it all into practice with extra information packed in!