Three days getting as lost as possible in Brabant and Belgium? Yeah, that sounds about right.


Date: June 8, 2019

Time: 10:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Joergen Trepp


Keen to ride silly bikes, with lot’s of stuff, on roads of varying quality?

How far?
The Driedaagse is a simple ride from Rotterdam – Eindhoven – Antwerp region and back to Rotterdam. Depending on how good you are with your navigation, you should wrap up the weekend with 320 to 350km over a three day period.

What about sleeping?
It’s up to to you how comfortable your sleeping will be. Both nights there will be camping arranged, whether you sleep on the bare ground, or in a tent big enough for a wedding party is your own choice. The first camping has showers and such (NL Natuurkampeerterrein) the second has water and a place to swim (Bivakzone). If you want to use electronics, bring batteries or better yet a dynamo wheel. *Important* Camping is always Leave No Trace, but especially when with a big group. Be prepared. Be respectful. Plan ahead.

Group Ride? Pace?
We will leave Rotterdam as a group and ride together until Kop van ‘t Land. Afterwards the ride can, and will likely split into smaller groups. This will depend on the number of people riding, if there are enough people, we will split the group from the start for safety reasons. Pace will be determined by the group(s)… samen uit, samen thuis.

What type of bike?
Off-road bike, drop bar gravel thing would get my recommendation. On the Dutch side of the border, most roads will be pretty mild, however between Eindhoven and Antwerp will be mostly unpaved with some easy singletrack. There will be no planned alternative route for those not interested in riding offroad, but it is easy enough to skip any chunks you would like.

What – Bikepacking psuedo-gravel-exploration-extravaganza. Or “How I rode my bike all weekend my tons of stuff on it with my best friends”.

Where – From Rotterdam to Eindhoven, Eindhoven to Antwerp, and Antwerp back to Rotterdam.

When – Friday 8 June @ 10h through 10 June

How – A bike, some bags and a couple straps, a tent (or not), a sleeping bag, and so many snacks.

For more info, check out the Facebook event here.