A free bikepacking workshop at Beagle Bikes in Utrecht with guest presenter Johan Blom…


Date: March 27

Time: 6:30 pm


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: JORMA BOSCH

Email: info@beaglebikes.nl

Beagle Bike is hosting a reading given by Johan Blom, whom just Bikepacked through blistering warm Australia. The topics will be what, were and how about Bikepacking. Johan is a seasoned bike traveller and Bikepacking enthusiastic. We will show the actually bike and set-up as well as all the gear such as sleeping bags, tents, etc. There will be time enough for questions and the setting is rather informal. After the reading there si time to chat with one and another. Hope to see you at Beagle Bikes in Utrecht.

The workshop is free of charge, but we will appreciated it if you send an e-mail to info@beaglebikes.nl when you want to join. The workshop will start at 18.30 and ends at 20.00.

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