The BPS 1000 is the ultimate route in sunny Queensland Australia—1000km and a grand finish instead of a grand depart…


Date: April 30

Time: 2:00 pm


Cost: $110

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Organizer: Bike Pack Shop


The BPS 1000, otherwise known as the ‘Booubyjan Dash’ is a new route added to the already extensive list of Australian BPS bike packing rides. Join along in an adventure throughout the South East Queensland’s countryside.

We have devised the ultimate route in sunny Queensland Australia for any rider wanting to challenge themselves. From Hinterland rainforests, to open country riding, the BPS 1000 has it all. This route has been diligently scouted and made with the ultimate adventure in mind.

Riders will complete this course from 4 days to 2 weeks. We encourage you to go at your own pace!

BPS 1000 has a finish date of 30th April 2023, riders will start when they want.

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