The Canadian Shield Bikepacking Summit is an opportunity for bikepackers to gather with like-minded people and share in their passion for adventure, riding bikes and spending time in the wilderness…


Date: June 10, 2023

Time: 7:00 am


Cost: $129

Event Website

Organizer: Chris Panasky


The Canadian Shield Bikepacking Summit aims to create an environment where bikepackers can share their cumulative knowledge and experience of the sport, a place where aspiring bikepackers can meet and develop friendships, while learning the ins and outs of bikepacking from some of the region’s, and Canada’s, most well-known bikepackers, route developers and bikepack racers. Furthermore, the summit aspires to bring people together in a setting that is inclusive and non-discriminatory, providing equal opportunity for people of all genders, races and cultural upbringings to participate.

The Summit will be held in the beautiful village of Chelsea, Quebec, just north of the city of Ottawa, within Canada’s National Capital Region. Chelsea lies on the edge of the 361 sq km Gatineau Park, which is filled with paved roads and tons of single-track and double-track trails.

Tickets are priced at $129 CAD, with earlybird tickets going for $99 CAD.