A long-weekend ‘flashpacker’ for riders to test gear, get some fitness and experience tough racing conditions over similar terrain to the full Monaro Cloudride in three weeks time.


Date: March 9

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: Steve Watson

Email: steve@cloudride1000.com

The intention of the Cloudride Prologue is to provide an entry level for first time bikepacking racers to test gear and themselves over two or three days and gain an experience of the terrain and the fatigue levels that they will encounter on the full 1,000km Monaro Cloudride. A secondary option of the  Prologue is for strong but time poor XC racers who want to dig a little deeper without having to commit to the expense of a full multi-day bikepacking rig. These riders will need to meet the navigation challenges, ride light, ride hard and hit the ’sleep/food’ options to make it work.

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