The Freedom Circuit is a challenging self-supported bikepacking race following the Freedom Trail in South Africa…


Date: April 24, 2023

Time: 9:00 am


Cost: R5000

Event Website

Organizer: Freedom Challenge


The Freedom Circuit is an extremely challenging semi-supported bikepacking race which takes place in South Africa in late April annually. The route incorporates large portions of the Freedom Trail.

There is a 400km and a 700km course offering with fairly challenging cut-offs on the long route so night riding is required. The route is not marked. Riders are required to carry their own GPS devices for navigation and must follow the designated route. There are checkpoints approximately 100km apart where food and beds are available.

This is a self-supported event. Riders must carry everything they require including mandatory equipment. Riders may not receive any personal support/seconding whilst in competition. All riders will carry satellite trackers with 2-way communication for live tracking and emergencies but essentially competitors take responsibility for their own safety.