GBDURO? Best described as a scrappy rolling picnic through Britain’s ever changing landscapes…


Date: August 14

Time: 8:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Angus Young & Ed Wolstenholme


GBDURO is a self-supported bikepacking enduro from Land’s End to John O’Groats on road, gravel, singletrack, and everything in between. Made for gravel bikes as about half of the riding time will be spent off-road.

The 2000km route is split into four timed stages; lowest aggregate time over the 4 stages ‘wins’… nothing. The enduro format means the socialising will be taken as seriously as the riding. Run by The Racing Collective on a not-for-profit basis; entries open 1 January 2021.

As per 2020, GBDURO will be a #noflyride i.e. riders must get to/from the start/finish without taking a flight. This was because having the burden of riders’ carbon emissions from flights on our conscience didn’t sit right with us (more details here). This is part of our wider mission to extend ‘leave no trace’ principals to beyond just the road/trail and we have been delighted by riders’ commitment and ingenuity to make this a reality.

TrackerWe’re planning several updates during this year’s event and will be covering it closely. Check out our new event Tracker page to follow along on the Trackleaders map and watch for more updates. Find it here.