The Human Fish Gravel is a gravel grinding race, a cycling festival for all adventure gravel riders and fans…


Date: September 10

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: €25 – €85

Event Website

Organizer: Lajf Inc.



Camping Plana & Bar 66

Selce 66 Pivka 6257 Slovenia

Riders will take on a challenging 258 kilometres, 128 kilometres and 65 kilometres long, winding route with first-class dirt roads in beautiful natural surroundings.

Each participant of the Human Fish Gravel can have his or her own interpretation of the race due to the experiences of these special areas, where the worldwide known and unique animal called Proteus (Human Fish) resides. This is an amazing place Green Karst of Slovenia – One of the best area in the Balkans and Central Europe for gravel riders. This is a natural area where beautiful gravel roads are found with first class natural sights.

Every gravel cyclist has high expectations and our idea of gravel festival in Slovenia with its huge region of first class gravel roads, which is traversed in all directions, and with its pristine natural environment, is a great choice.

You are welcome to join us at 10th of September, 2022 on a meeting of gravel cyclists in a remarkable Slovenian ambiance, where a dynamic Dinaric mountain range and a Mediterranean breeze intermingle. Each and every participant can find a personal challenge and each and every one will add a piece to the gravel mosaic. See you there!

Life is a gravel, enjoy the ride!