The Hungarian Divide is a self-supported bikepacking event across Hungary. Choose from either 700km or the full 1,400km route…


Date: June 24, 2022

Time: 9:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Marcell Gangel



Smaragdvölgy Pihenőpark

Rudabányácska, Szentgotthárd Hungary

This adventure, which crosses the country, starts from Szentgotthárd with a group start, then reaches Budapest via mountains of western Hungary, where the event ends for half-distance participants. In the second half of the route, adventurers entered for full-distance can continue to push their own limits and experience the beauties of mountains in western Hungary.It’s up to you how long you go: whether you consider it as a challenge, a shared adventure or a tourist experience.

We provide the framework and help you get the most out of it!You can enter the Hungarian Divide in two distances: full and half-distance.

One of the innovations of this year is that it can be entered in two categories for the full distance: SOLO or TEAM. Teams can be any size from 2-5 or 6-10 riders to be evaluated in this 2 categories. They can ride together, and separate as well, splitting up the route as they like.

Follow along live below: