The Hungryland S240 is an introductory overnight trip open to anyone interested in giving bikepacking a shot!


Date: December 14, 2019

Time: 9:00 am


Cost: $10

Event Website

Organizer: Matt Goforth


This event is open to all cyclists looking to learn more about bikepacking by participating in a sub 24-hour (S240) overnight trip.

Come join us as we take a leisurely bike ride to one of the best star-gazing locations in our area in order to camp out and enjoy some time in nature without having to travel to the far reaches of the planet.

The goal of this overnight is to become acquainted with what it means to bikepack while staying close to home, keeping the mileage attainable to all abilities, and the need for bikepacking specific gear to a minimum.

We will have a vehicle depart from the start and meet us at our destination. If you don’t have bikepacking bags, or ultralight camping gear, but have other camping equipment you would like to use you can load your things in the truck and they will be transported for you.

Bathrooms and showers will be available.

If we have a large enough group commit we will opt for a group campground, if it is available. Otherwise, we will plan to reserve a few regular sites.

In order to keep equipment needs to a minimum we will plan to provide some snacks, water and maybe a surprise guest. A small fee ($10) will be collected to help cover the costs of the campsites, support items, etc. RSVP in advance will be required. Send a letter of intent to if you plan to join us.

If you have extra gear, or even a large tent you are willing to share space in, please let us know! We can help connect those who might not have camping gear but who would love to see what this bikepacking thing is all about.

The route is mostly unpaved. Mountain bikes preferred, but if you’re adventurous, a cross bike would work.

Pack List

Sleeping bag or bedding
Sleeping pad or like (include a pump for your air mattress if you go that route)
Riding clothes for 2 days.
Camp clothes for hanging out.
If you have special dietary requirements pack those into a cooler for transport in the truck if you cannot carry them on your bike or person, including a way to prepare these items
Your standard tool kit that you would bring on a normal bike ride
Toiletries for the showers (if desired)

We will leave in a group, both days. We have very little traffic concerns as most of the route is remote. However, on day 2 there will be a short 5ish mile stretch on Kanner Hwy. An early start should help us out.

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