The Italy Unite Wild Trail is an annual self-supported bikepacking adventure across Italy. 1,900km from the south to the north…


Date: June 24, 2023

Time: 7:00 pm


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Organizer: Fabio Matteo Juri


Italy Unite Wild Trail (IUWT) is an idea that turns into reality, keeping the intention intact. A lot of passion, a single goal, to make a fixed path that crosses Italy on dirt roads, bringing to mind the Tour Divide and the pioneering spirit that has distinguished it since the first edition. 1,900km and 35,000m elevation gain of tracks

A long journey, an adventure, a challenge, which unites Italy, from the south of Puglia to the north of the Aosta Valley, with 11 regions, countless villages and small towns crossed, places where it will seem that time has stopped. In contexts unique that will immerse you in the everyday life of a nation with its many shades, made of landscapes and characters. an epic experience, the dream of a lifetime, hundreds of kilometers of dirt roads, secondary, unknown, places to discover in their natural beauty. Dirt roads, military roads, farm roads that cross fields, hills, woods, national parks and unesco heritage countries. Italy unite will test those who have the courage to face it as a challenge to their physical and mental resistance, those who have the desire and curiosity to discover a nation in all its peculiarities, but also those who are planning the adventure of their life! A time schedule designed according to everyone’s ability to manage the events that will arise.

Those who embark on this adventure will be accompanied by their emotions, efforts, needs, no one upon arrival, no one upon departure. The feelings and situations that arise will be the only reward they will receive for fulfilling the personal goal set in mind, in reaching their limits. IUWT is not an event, it is not organized, it is not a competition, and it is not a cycling tour. IUWT is a path conceived and tested by some friends, who will find themselves walking it again on June 24, 2022 at 7 pm in Santa Maria Di Leuca (LE), hoping that it will take place annually in the last week of June, as already happens in the USA with the Tour Divide.