The Lost Elephant explores the bikepacking paradise of the East Kootenay region, with two different route lengths to choose from…


Date: July 22

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: Free

Event Website

Organizer: The Lost Elephants


The Lost Elephant Ultra Race is nestled quietly between the Purcell Mountains and the Southern Rockies in British Columbia’s East Kootenay Region. The route changes year to year and for the last few years has offered a Jumbo (longer) and a Dumbo (shorter) version. These routes are generally pretty rough and gravel bikes don’t get along well with them.

This year the Lost Elephant Jumbo weighs in at 548km with 7636m of climbing. Add 16% singletrack and plenty of rough ground, and it should put up a good fight against you and your knobbly tires.

Not feeling so Jumbo? The Dumbo is back and it will follow much of the same route as the Jumbo, but with fewer mountains to ascend. At 349km with 5084m of climbing and 21% singletrack, we expect the little guy to be a feisty challenge and a tough one to knock-out in a weekend.