The Pan Celtic Race is a 1,600-mile, self-supported cycling adventure, journeying through the Celtic Nations of Cornwall, Wales, Ireland and finishing in Wales.


Date: July 4, 2021

Time: 9:00 am


Cost: £395

Event Website

Organizer: Matt Ryan


The route starts in the Highlands of Scotland and takes the riders on an epic adventure along coastal roads and awe-inspiring mountain views. After leaving Cornwall and heading through Bristol the route heads to Fishguard before exploring the West coast of Ireland. The short route takes the more direct route to Belfast before both routes join once more heading for Anglesey and onto the finish in Llandudno.

FIXED ROUTE: Cornwall, Wales, Ireland & Wales

DISTANCE: 1600 miles / 2575 km

ELEVATION GAIN: 100,000 ft / 30,480 m

DURATION: 7 – 14 days

FERRIES INCLUDED: Wales – Ireland & Ireland – Wales

SHORTER ROUTE OPTION: 900 miles / 1448 km & 50,000 ft / 15,240 m