Race Across France is France’s first ultra-cycling event, with distances ranging from 300km to 2,600km…


Date: August 14, 2020

Time: 9:00 pm


Cost: €95 – €1841

Event Website

Organizer: Arnaud MANZANINI

Email: raceacrossfrance@gmail.com

Ultra-cycling was born in 1982 on the other side of the Atlantic, with the invention of the Race Across America, considered the most difficult cycling race in the world. The competitors cross the Continent from West to East for 5,000 km. To date, the record is held by the Austrian Christopher Strasser in less than 8 days! Since then, other long-distance races have emerged, but not in France.

The anomaly is now fixed. The Race Across France is the first ultra-cycling event in the country that gave birth to the Tour de France. To pay tribute to its American sister and make a bridge of friendship between our two countries, the Race Across France offers a fabulous challenge of 2,600km, inscribed in memory of the most memorable hours of our common history.

The race starts from the beaches of the Mediterranean, in memory of the landing of the allies in Provence. The course crosses the Alps and many passes among the highest places of cycling. Huge challenge and fabulous journey to the arrival in Le Touquet apotheosis for all competitors, especially foreign.