Rad Race 96 Hours is a self-supported race between Dijon, France and Koblenz, Germany—560km and a time limit of 96 hours…


Date: May 4

Time: 10:00 am


Cost: €96

Event Website

Organizer: Rad-Race

Email: registration@rad-race.com


Vélodrome Dijon

Rue du Stade Dijon 21000 France

The RAD RACE 96HOURS is a self-supported bike packing challenge on gravel roads. This means that you are on your own between start and finish of the event. You have to think for yourself and prepare carefully because everything you bring along needs to fit on your bike while you are still able to ride it. Water, nutrition and the right equipment are crucial as well as an honest judgement of your capabilities. The route that we provide is an option but not mandatory to be followed.

We tested the route in October 2019 in the worst possible weather conditions on gravel bikes and it was very tough! This in mind we advise everyone who tends to follow our route (which includes a proper load of off road action) to be aware of the fact that 186 km can be a whole different story when your are not on asphalt all the time.

Event photo by Yunus Hutterer (@yunushutterer)