If you like mountain biking, gravel grinding, orienteering, and general adventures, than you’ll love Random Adventure Quest…


Date: May 22

Time: 7:00 pm


Cost: £72

Event Website

Organizer: Daniel Jones

Email: dan@randomadventure.co.uk

Here at Random Adventure, we’re proud to do things a little differently and Random Adventure Quest is just that. If you like bikepacking, mountain biking, gravel grinding, orienteering and generally going on an adventure, then you’ll love RAQ.

What is Random Adventure Quest?
It’s not just a Mountain Bike Orienteering event, but you will be navigating your own route. You can use any method and technology you like.
It’s not a bikepacking race, but you will be carrying your gear and camping.
It’s not a festival, but there will be a camping field and a chance to meet like minded people and make new friends.
It’s not an enduro but there will be segments to ride.

Random Adventure Quest is a challenge to have the best adventure you can, using our scoring system. Points are available for:
-finding checkpoints
-getting remote (the further away you are the more points you’ll score)
-adventurous camping/bivvy spots
-riding segments

The rider and pair with the most points will win the event.

Random Adventure Quest is an adventure for us too, we don’t know what it takes to win, but you might just have what it takes!

Official group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/30325765817/?ref=share

Application form: click here