The RAT 1000 crosses Texas via 1000 miles, cities large and small, ghost towns, pine forests, deserts, canyons and sights almost nobody else has seen…


Date: October 9, 2021

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: $100

Event Website

Organizer: Spinistry


The RAT 1000 is a 1000 mile Ride (or Race) across Texas on primarily dirt and gravel roads. The end points are Texarkana, AR and Tucumcari, NM. The route also includes a short jaunt into Oklahoma. The event has been held each year since 2014 and we established the “permanent” route in 2018.

All categories are FREE for Golden Ticket holders. Club Spinistry members save $75 on each. Please note, the Spinistry Supported option includes a 12 month Golden Ticket if the participant does not already have one.

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Category Descriptions:

Self Supported ITT – Individual Time Trials can be attempted at any time. Options include East to West and West to East. Live tracking is a requirement to log an official time. This format essentially follows “Tour Divide” type rules. No outside assistance allowed unless available to all who attempt the route. The clock is always running until the route is completed.

Self Supported Group Departure (Full RAT and Mini RAT) – Same rules as ITT but with a specific start time with our once a year Group Departure. 10/9 Overnight in Paris, TX is included and allowed for this group without penalty for outside assistance. Self Supported Group Departure riders also have the option to start on Friday and overnight with the supported riders in New Boston if they aren’t “racing”. Racers looking for an official time will start from Texarkana, AR Saturday.

Spinistry Supported Stage Racers and Segment Riders – Spinistry support includes gear/food shuttle from segment end to segment end (average 125ish mile days). Group camping arrangements, tracking devices. This does NOT include transportation to and from the event. Riders become self supported if they are unable to maintain the daily pace for the supported group. There will be at least one overnight (probably more) which require hotel/motel accommodations. Riders are responsible for their own hotel/motel fees.

Self Supported Stage Racers and Segment Riders – Stage racers will race point to point on predefined segments which average 125ish miles per day. Self support can include team support at segment ends as well as within city limits of any municipalities along the route. Team support is NOT permitted along the route outside of city limits. Live tracking is a requirement to record official times. Self supported segment riders must complete the entire route without outside assistance (Tour Divide rules) if they wish to record an official completion time.

No refunds are available for this event if cancelled or postponed for any reason. If the event is cancelled or postponed any registration/signup fees paid will be applied to future Spinistry events or merchandise at the participants’ discretion. Helmets are required and all riders are obligated to adhere to the traffic codes for the states which they ride in. No motorized bicycles/assistance allowed