The Breakdown is a 330-mile bikepacking route within the Appalachian Mountains. Ride it hard or take your time and make a week of it!


Date: October 24

Time: 8:00 am


Event Website

Organizer: Shawn Lemaster


This route explores the vastness of the Pine Mountain region traversing the Grand Canyon of the South as it showcases the best these rugged and historic Appalachian Mountains has to offer. Superb mountain-line scenery tracing the spine of the Kentucky/Virginia border and a tradition of pure, hard adventure.

The backbone of this trip links up sections of the Pine Mountain Trail, the Little Shepherd Trail, and several back roads to join two local races into a monumental bike loop starting and ending at Breaks Interstate Park. The east end of the loop utilizes years of race routes from the Breakdown Adventure Race that started back in 2013. The west end of the ride ties in “The Hardest Race in Kentucky”, the WarDaddy.

Depending on what makes you happy, this could be a fun week-long trip, or you could ride it hard in a couple(ish) days.

Either way, you’ll be rewarded with endless dirt tracks, winding back roads, crazy climbs, and the knowledge that you’re biking through the same mountains that Daniel Boone struggled to find a passage through.

Artwork by Gosia Black