Tracks 6000 is old school mountain biking where you can forget about the averages that you are usually used to holding. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience…


Date: July 18, 2020

Time: 7:30 am


Cost: €35

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Organizer: Ildebrando Lazzarotto


Tracks6000 is an alpine tour in which you have to go it alone. It wants, it would like to be, something different than the varied panorama of events. It would like to be an annual meeting place for people who share the same passion for the bicycle as well as the desire to carry out a shared idea of ​​protecting the land and the mountains. It would like to be an opportunity for comparison and growth. It is old school mountain biking, where you can forget about the classic mileage. There will be a little push and a lot to suffer, but every drop of sweat will be repaid with interest. It is a ride in the mountains that rises strongly and descends strongly, it is brutal but beautiful, angular and brash, thought by people who love the mountains and live there, who do not think of them as a free ride, but to enjoy of places whose entrance fee is paid with sweat, with scratches and curses, especially if you decide to go there by bike.

The round trip, with start and finish at the Carlettini Refuge (Val Campelle, Lagorai) consists of about 150 km and an approximate 6,300 m difference in altitude. We remind you that we are not interested in making you struggle so much to compete in the special classification of the toughest event. We want to unite, link valleys by crossing over 2000 meters: only for this reason, every so often, we have to carry the bike. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience.