WOLFman is a self-supported race around the Czech Republic on a fast and 100% rideable route—no more carrying your bike on your back. Off-road, gravel, and a bit of asphalt….


Date: August 13

Time: 5:00 am


Cost: €120

Event Website

Organizer: Štěpán Stránský

Email: info@wolf-man.cz

Do you want more than to just turn off and chill? You will get wind and rain battering your face and you will feel like you were born straight to mother nature. Your wet jersey will be dried by the first rays of father Sun as you wake again with aching legs. They ache to get working again, to paddle you through a sea of endorphins all the way to comatic fatigue.

Men from 18 years of age, men from 60 years of age, women from 18 years of age, women from 60 years of age, family, handicapped.

– Always act in the spirit of fair play.
– In case of injury or technical difficulties of another WOLFman participant, you must stop and offer help. It is mandatory to do so regardless of the loss of time and energy. Degree of given help is an individual decision based on empirical assessment of the situation in context of fair play and your own character.
– You are attending the event for your internal growth. Please leave your egos on the starting line, where you can retrieve it, if you wish, after the end of the event.

Paradigm disruption and internal change of character exceeds even the greatest pain I have experienced while bikepacking. Curiously, during my bikepack races, both of these happen, oftentimes simultaneously.