2019 Sea Otter Finds (Part 1)

After four days of roaming the seemingly infinite booths and displays at the 2019 sea Otter Classic, we found a few worthwhile products to share. Here’s part one, featuring a dozen new and interesting things from OneUp, Revelate, and many more…

Well, that’s a wrap on the 2019 Sea Otter Classic. But don’t fret, we still have several posts worth of coverage coming your way. This was my first time at the Otter, and overall it exceeded my expectations. Most of the return attendees I spoke with prior to the show had nothing but good things to say about it, too. And, apparently it’s been growing and improving year over year. Similar to other expos, there’s a lot to see, and I likely missed quite a bit, but there’s always next year. Anyway, here’s part one of a multi-part product roundup, featuring a dozen or so things that caught my eye.

OneUp Components EDC Stem

We’ve been impressed by the innovation and ingenuity coming out of OneUp Components over the last couple of years. Their pedals continue to be my favorite, and the EDC Pump/Tool pretty much lives on whatever bike I’m riding. Unsurprisingly, OneUp’s latest innovation, the EDC Stem, was perhaps the most interesting new product we saw at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic.

Essentially, the EDC Stem is designed to compress the steerer and preload the headset bearing without the use of an internal star nut. Pretty cool, right? This is done with an internal clamp ring within the stem that has a conical profile. There’s also a spacer with an inverse cone shape that sits atop the headset spacer. There’s an exploded view in several of the photos below, where OneUp had an extra ring to show what’s inside the stem. At any rate, to engage the preload you manually push everything together. Then you tighten the two stem bolts as you normally would. Once those are secure, you torque the collar bolt at the stem and this squeezes against the conical spacer allowing about 5mm of preload adjustment. To get a better idea, scroll through the photos below, then scroll down to watch a video.

Essentially, OneUp created the EDC Stem to solve a problem. When they initially released the EDC tool, a column shaped toolkit designed to fit within a pump or a steerer tube, they had to develop a threaded insert for the latter application (and ship it with a tap tool to thread the interior of your fork’s steerer, which likely voids your fork’s warranty). The EDC Stem will retail for $115 with the compression system. Also note that OneUp released a nice ovalized carbon handlebar and grips. We hope to test all three and report back. In the meantime, learn more over at OneUpComponents.com.

Revelate Designs

Revelate Designs is always a favorite laid back booth among the mayhem at trade shows and festivals. Like other years, Revelate had several Q&A sessions over the weekend. In addition, they also teased several new products that will soon see the light of day. Among their usual suspects, Revelate had a small new seat pack tentatively called the Shrew. In addition, Eric Parsons and team debuted a really nice looking roll-top bag for under the downtube and a magnetic frame pack designed for small spaces commonly seen on full-suspension bikes.

Also, note that they added a few touches to the Terrapin line, including a new air valve and a bungee strap system on the top of the harness. And there’s now an extra-small Tangle half-frame pack, which should be available on their site soon! Stay tuned for more details on all of these items.

Road Runner/GU Terracycle

Road Runner Bags’ Brad Adams had a pretty cool setup at the GU Energy booth. However, Brad wasn’t showing off Road Runner Jumbo Jammers. Instead, he was busy sewing up TerraCycle “Stash Your Trash” bags using GU Energy Gel packaging. How does it work? If you’re not familiar, TerraCycle offers a range of programs that are funded by conscientious companies to repurpose hard-to-recycle materials. GU uses the program with its packaging. Learn More over at TerraCycle.com.

Gu and Roadrunner Terracycle
  • Gu and Roadrunner Terracycle
  • Gu and Roadrunner Terracycle
  • Gu and Roadrunner Terracycle

Zipp 3ZERO MOTO Carbon Wheels

Inspired by motocross technology, ZIPP’s new 3ZERO MOTO rims feature a single-wall rim design that’s intended to deliver compliance and traction unlike any other rim currently on the market. Made in Indianapolis, Indiana, the wheels use a construction they call Moto Technology™, which, according to ZIPP, allows the rims to pivot from either side of the spoke bed while traversing rough terrain. Some of the benefits ZIPP claim include higher impact resistance, reduced chance of pinch flatting, added traction, a smoother ride in rocky terrain, the ability to run lower tire pressure, and reduced rider fatigue. It’s all stuff that sounds fantastic to us bikepackers.

The 3MOTOs are available in 29er or 27.5″ diameters in just one width, a 30mm internal. Their 32-spoke wheelsets include ZIPP’s own hubs, featuring a rear driver with four pawls and 52 points of engagement. Complete wheelsets weigh 1910 grams (29″) and 1825 grams (27.5″), and are available for $1,999. Hopefully we’ll get a pair of these for review. In the meantime, learn more over at Zipp.com.

Blackburn Outpost Bike and Camp Light

The Blackburn Outpost Bike and Camp Light is a USB-rechargeable light that can be mounted to a bag using a simple clip attachment, to the handlebars with a rubber attachment, or to your forehead using a fairly powerful retractable cord. The light has several modes and can be used in lantern mode or a beam up to 400 lumens. The Blackburn Outpost Bike and Camp Light will be available in July for $59.99. Learn more over at BlackburnDesign.com.

Blackburn Outpost Bike & Camp light
  • Blackburn Outpost Bike & Camp light
  • Blackburn Outpost Bike & Camp light
  • Blackburn Outpost Bike & Camp light

Easton EA90 Gravel/All-road Cranksets

In case you missed is, Easton trickled down an alloy version of their Easton EC90 SL, a popular gravel crankset. The EA90 offers an expansive selection of ring combinations in 1x and 2x, a 30mm alloy spindle, CINCH power meter compatibility, and BB options across all relevant frame standards. Ring clusters are offered in 53/39, 52/36, 50/34, with a removable spider, and 47/32, 46/36, and 46/30 in Cinch Direct Mount.

  • Easton EA90 Gravel/All-road Cranksets
  • Easton EA90 Gravel/All-road Cranksets

Bottom Bracket options include BB86, BSA 68mm, PF30 68mm, BB30 68mm, BBright, 386Evo. Crank arms come in 170, 172.5, and 175mm. Easton claims the set weighs 534g with 172.5mm arms without the BB or any rings. The EA90 is available in anodized black for $119.99, with rings and BB sold separately. Learn more at EastonCycling.com.

Cane Creek HELM Works Series 130

My favorite hardtail/bikepacking suspension fork has lately been the RockShox Pike. However, I keep hearing great things about Cane Creek’s Helm, so I’m keen to give one a try. The latest in the line, the new Helm Works 130, is a 29/27.5+, 130mm travel, air fork optimized for aggressive riding on short travel bikes. Cane Creek claims the Works Series 130 provides the same stiffness and support of the standard HELM 29 Air while including several new features designed to optimize the fork for aggressive XC and “downcountry” trail riding. Sounds like it could be a good bikepacking fork to me.

HELM Works Series 130

The fork is equipped with a 44mm offset hollow crown, a bolt-on D-Loc axle, and slightly different internals, resulting in a 100 gram savings under the standard HELM 29 Air. The Work Series 130 also includes a “Climb Switch” that allows riders to quickly stiffen the suspension mid-ride.

  • HELM Works Series 130
  • HELM Works Series 130
  • HELM Works Series 130

The fork is available with a polished black anodized crown and gunmetal grey lowers with black graphics unique to the Works Series 130. It will retail for $899—the same price as all other HELM series forks—and will be available in May 2019 wherever Cane Creek products are sold. The Works 130 has 35mm stanchions and weighs 1,999 grams according to Cane Creek. Learn more over at CaneCreek.com.

Ortlieb Black bags and Backpack

Ortlieb had a few new products at their display booth, including its “bikepacking” backpack and a new stealth black bag set. The Ortlieb Atrack BP—BP stands for bikepacking, of course—is based on Ortlieb’s existing Atrack backpack. In addition to losing a small amount of weight, the fully waterproof backpack features a full-length zip, neat compression system, and can haul quite a bit of gear, for those who are lacking adequate space in their bag setup. Learn more over at Ortlieb.com.

In addition, Ortlieb teased a full blacked out set of bags, based on customer requests. It turns out, some folks don’t like the orange accents. As such, Ortlieb will be releasing this all black set very soon. We’ll share more details when we get them.

  • 2019 Sea Otter Classic
  • 2019 Sea Otter Classic
  • 2019 Sea Otter Classic

Stay tuned for another big roundup of products from the 2019 Sea Otter Classic. Also, be sure to follow all of our coverage at this tag: seaotterclassic2019.


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