Road Runner Bags are handmade in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, with color and flair. Meet their brand new bikepacking lineup…

Road Runner Bags are a small storefront maker in Los Angeles, California, where they sew a variety of messenger bags, rack-top bags, and accessories. Their new bikepacking line – the Jumbo Jammer, the Pilot/Co-Pilot and the Buoy Bag – inject the company’s distinctive styling, and a dazzling palette of colours and patterns, into the often ninja black and camo world of bikepacking.

First up is the Jumbo Jammer, big brother to the company’s popular Jammer, a bag designed to be mounted either on the handlebars for dirt/singletrack use or below the seat, for road use. Easy access, a massive, expandable internal space, solid mounting points, and a rugged, waterproof build take precedence over weight.

Roadrunner bags jumbo jammer
  • Roadrunner bags jumbo jammer
  • Roadrunner bags jumbo jammer
  • Roadrunner bags jumbo jammer

Manufacturer’s description: As Jumbo as Jumbo can be! This bag was designed with the casual cyclist in mind but one that is also willing (and desiring) to get a little rowdy now and then. Don’t let your gear keep you from exploring local single-track. “Rugged riding ahead? Bring it!” The Jammer bag is a unique high volume, rackless, universal handlebar/saddle bag. This bag was designed with you in mind! This bag is perfect for city commuting/road touring/dirt bike packing or casual beach rides – load it up with the essentials and have plenty of room for more gear. This bag was designed by cyclists for cyclists! It is easy to use, fun to ride with and a treat when you need it; forget your bike is loaded down with the help of the Jammer! Lightweight, durable and water resistant! There are two external expanding front pockets with a flap lid. The lid has a 2″ strip of 3M reflective and a blinky light loop directly above. This bag was made for either front (for dirt) or rear (for road) use and will accommodate a variety of bikes, handle bars and different riding styles. The closure straps (C.W.S.) were designed to give adjustable positions for the optimal weight to tension ratio. You can load this pup up and really cinch it down to create a stiff and compact bag with minimal sway or sag when mounted appropriately. The bag has an internal structure to give form and an internal stiffener which will not bend or break. We designed this bag to open up new options on how your gear is carried, don’t be afraid to get creative and try different mounting techniques! When fully expanded the Jammer will reach up to 29 L in volume and can be rolled down to more than half of that. Yeah, 29 liters! You’ll believe it when you see it. When using this bag on the rear for road use, note that the bag mounts to the Saddle Loops. If your existing saddle and you need extra hardware for mounting this bag to the rear, please do not hesitate to email us and we will be happy to send some your way :)
Materials: Our material selection is ever expanding and made to fit the look of your bike! The outer shell is made of 1000D Cordura, with a high denier/seam taped rip stop nylon liner. That’s right folks; seam taped = waterproof!
Colors: wide variety of colors and patterns
Price: $195
Weight: 2lbs
Max load limit: Haven’t found it yet! You rip it; we’ll fix it! Please see our warranty info regarding this matter
Dimensions: 8″- 21″ Tall x 14″ Wide x 6″ Deep
Volume: 29 L at max height with 2 rolls down for waterproofing.

Roadrunner bags jumbo jammer

Next, the almost-as-capacious fork mounted Buoy Bag, designed to be used in conjunction with the various Anything/Manything-style cages on the market:

Roadrunner Buoy Bag Manything Roadrunner Buoy Bag Manything

Manufacturer’s description: The Buoy Bag! This bag was designed with the outdoorsy adventurer in mind; that said this durable/waterproof dry sack will aid you in more ways than you can imagine. This bag was designed to work on any type of large ‘manything’ cages. Attach those cages to the fork and the Buoy bag is now a set of micro panniers suitable for all types of riding.Rugged riding ahead? Bring it!
Attach those large cages to the traditional bottle cage mounts and use these bags in the main triangle of your frame. No space? No problem! Get creative and seek out hose clamps. They are a quick and simple way to mount large cages to open areas of your frame.
On bike tour and need to wash some laundry? Fill one bag with your dirty clothes and 1/2 water + a few drops of soap and start scrubbing. Give your bag a good wash when you’re done; stay forever clean on the trail! Take care of your bags and they’ll take care of you!
Materials: Made of 1000D Cordura backed with Seam Taped Rip Stop Nylon Liner
Colors: wide variety of colors and patterns
Price: $50
Weight: 4.5oz
Dimensions: 20″ (unrolled) – 17″ Tall x 6″ Diameter
Volume: 7.75L

And lastly, Roadrunner have two sizes of stem bags, the standard-sized Co-Pilot and the more capacious Auto-Pilot – see spec below.

Manufacturer’s description: “Larger than the Co-Pilot, stiffer than the Point ‘N’ Shooter, cooler than the average Joe! Well, Joe was a cool cat, but he’s not your Auto-Pilot. The use of this bag is simple yet effective. Consider it a dumping ground for all of your bikey needs. Some pack mule ideas are listed below for your reading pleasure: Large Drinking Vessel, 20-ish Gel Energy Packs, Solar Optic Lenses with Frame, Plus Sized Mobile Cellular Telephone, Couple o’ Food Storage Snack Bars, Semi-Functional Compact Tool Set.”
Material: Made of 1000D Cordura backed with a 400D Heavy Rip Stop Nylon Liner and a re-enforced with a plastic stiffener.
Colors: wide variety of colors and patterns
Price: from $60
Weight: 4.5oz
Dimensions: 8.5″ – 7″ Height x 3.75″ Wide x 3.75″ Deep

Visit Road Runner Bags for more details.



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